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The BG-NUTRIX PTZ camera system is exceptionally well-suited for broadcasting applications due to its advanced features and capabilities

Achieve broadcast-quality visuals
Achieve broadcast-quality visuals with high-resolution 4K at 60Hz output, ensuring top-notch broadcast quality. This delivers sharp, detailed images essential for professional broadcasting, particularly for live events, news broadcasts, and any content where visual clarity is paramount.

The powerful 30X optical zoom capability allows broadcasters to capture detailed close-ups without compromising image quality. This feature is especially beneficial for capturing distant subjects, such as during sports events, live performances, or news reporting from afar.
Advanced AI auto-tracking and infrared night vision provide unmatched flexibility
The AI-driven presenter and zone auto-tracking ensures that moving subjects are continuously in frame and focus. This feature is crucial for dynamic broadcasting environments such as talk shows, live interviews, or any situation where the subject moves frequently.

The night vision capability allows the camera to function effectively in low-light conditions, ensuring high-quality video even in poorly lit environments. This is essential for nighttime broadcasts or in settings where lighting conditions are less than ideal.
Flexible audio installations with integrated stereo speakers and microphones
Flexible audio installations are facilitated by integrated stereo speakers and microphones. The built-in audio system delivers clear, high-quality sound, eliminating the requirement for extra audio equipment. This capability is crucial for live broadcasts where audio clarity matches video quality. The integrated audio into the camera is particularly valuable in scenarios with tight setup times.

Furthermore, the detachable base allows users to separate the stereo speakers and microphones, enabling even more flexible audio configurations.
Unmatched connectivity, streaming, and control
Unmatched connectivity, streaming, and control are facilitated by HDMI, USB, and LAN connection options, allowing seamless integration of the camera with various broadcasting equipment. This flexibility proves beneficial for studio setups, field broadcasting, and networked environments.

NDI|HX technology enables real-time, low-latency video transmission over IP networks, ensuring smooth integration into networked broadcast environments and high-quality live streaming.

The Magna Software by BZBGEAR enables control of the camera’s PTZ functions, audio settings, and other configurations, empowering broadcasters to make real-time adjustments during live broadcasts.

Additional use cases in broadcasting-related applications

Live Events

  • 4K @ 60Hz image quality
  • 30X Optical Zoom
  • AI auto tracking
  • Magna App
  • NDI technology

The camera's high resolution, powerful zoom, and auto-tracking capabilities make it ideal for capturing live events such as concerts, sports, and conferences, ensuring clear and effective broadcast of every moment. Camera settings and user administration can be managed and monitored through the Magna app. 

For enhanced streaming quality over IP, NDI can transmit video and audio seamlessly over the local network without compromising signal or image quality.


News Broadcasting

  • 4K @ 60Hz image quality
  • Connectivity options
  • AI auto tracking 

For field reporters, the camera's portability, high-quality video, and reliable connectivity options are crucial for delivering timely and detailed news reports.

Additionally, AI auto-tracking can be enabled to automate camera control in situations where a designated camera operator may not be present or when the news broadcaster is frequently on the move.


Studio Broadcasting

  • 4K @ 60Hz image quality
  • 2-way audio
  • Magna App
  • NDI technology

In a controlled studio environment, the BG-NUTRIX excels in delivering consistent, high-quality video and audio, thereby enhancing the production quality of shows, interviews, and panel discussions. The Magna app simplifies the monitoring of camera feeds, adjustment of camera settings, and management of live streams. Furthermore, NDI technology ensures higher-quality content when streaming over a local network.


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