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Company Profile


Established in 2019 and headquartered in Sacramento, California, BZBGEAR® is a worldwide one-stop source manufacturer for pro AV and broadcasting products. BZBGEAR’s mission is to provide top-grade AV and broadcasting solutions while giving precedence to design, user experience, and lifetime product support. Every solution is carefully designed by BZBGEAR hardware and software engineers to ensure that the quality and features are unmatched. With award-winning products and industry-leading support, BZBGEAR is the number one choice for any AV and broadcast application.

What BZBGEAR has to offer

BZBGEAR provides end-to-end pro AV and broadcasting solutions including live streaming and video production products. We pride ourselves in our unparalleled customer service and seven-days-a-week tech support. Our team excels in customer care and is recognized for providing outstanding assistance.

BZBGEAR offers the highest degree of professional support while keeping our customers’ demands and concerns our top priority. Striving to nurture a lasting relationship through integrity and trust, we put ourselves in our clients' shoes and conduct the sales process with honesty and fair treatment.

Peace of mind is included with all our gear. All BZBGEAR products are backed by our stress-free three-year warranty, with a two-year extended warranty available for our camera products upon registration. Everyone deserves to see, hear, and feel the advancements made in today’s AV world at a reasonable price. Gear up with BZBGEAR!

Meet the Executive Team
Eugene Bocharov
President and CEO
Vlad Demydov
Director of Product Development
Eilbron Khoshabeh
VP of Global Sales
Matthew Allison
National Inside Sales Manager
Joel Cruz
Director of Marketing
Eugene Makarenko
Lead Project Manager
Nathan Fox
Global Technical Support Director

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