BZBGEAR offers a wide selection of audio equipment including amplifiers, extenders, microphones, and speakerphones. Our amplifiers include options for both 8 ohm and 70 Volt systems with integrated microphone inputs for paging systems. The BG-AUD-TCS audio extender can transmit digital and analog audio signals at distances of up to 550 and 950 feet respectively. Our speaker phones are equipped with features like rechargeable battery power, Bluetooth, USB, and active noise cancellation. BZBGEAR audio equipment is in stock and ready to ship from our facility in Sacramento, CA directly to your doorstep. Browse our selection and consult one of our expert sales engineers to find the right audio product for your application.

BZBGEAR Solutions

BZBGEAR offers a series of professional-grade speakerphone solutions. Instantly improve speaker and microphone quality enhancing the overall videoconferencing and audio conferencing experience. No more echoes or distortion. You can find everything you need here whether you're looking for simple conference audio equipment, a conference audio system or an entire conference audio solution.

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