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Image courtesy of Architectural Digest

CASE STUDY - Kevin Hart's Hartbeat Hollywood Office Gears Up with BZBGEAR

Challenge: Comedy legend Kevin Hart needed to design an in-house podcast studio at his media company's new Hollywood office.

Comedian and actor Kevin Hart moved his production company Hartbeat into a new 40,000-square-foot West Hollywood office space previously occupied by the Oprah Winfrey Network. Hart and his design team designed a modern, open space that encourages creative thinking and collaboration through glass walls and luxe seating areas.

One of the new additions Hart wanted was an in-house podcast studio where he can invite talent and guests and record content right from this studio. A number of 4K Ultra HD cameras were to be placed strategically around the studio for capturing high-definition, broadcast-quality video. A joystick controller was also needed to control all the cameras easily.

Eric Eddings (Vice President, Audio) and Lesley Gwam (Podcast Development) from Hartbeat reached out to BZBGEAR sales rep Matthew Allison for consultation on how to accomplish this new studio design. Allison worked closely with Eddings and Gwam on making their vision into a reality.


  • Broadcast the highest quality audio and video from a multi-camera setup.
  • Ability to control all cameras easily and remotely.
  • Flexibility for network-based live streaming and video production.


Image courtesy of Architectural Digest



Equipment Used:

  • 7x: BG-ADAMO-4KND | 4K UHD AI auto-tracking PTZ camera with NDI
  • 1x: BG-Commander | Serial/IP joystick controller

Seven BG-ADAMO-4KND PTZ cameras were used. The specific model was BG-ADAMO-4KND12X-B. This is a black 4K UHD AI auto-tracking PTZ camera with NDI|HX 3 that supports 12x optical zoom along with HDMI, 12G-SDI, USB 2.0/3.0, LAN, and Power over Ethernet.

The cameras were fitted all around the studio—some mounted on tripods while others hanging upside down from a rig on the ceiling. The small form factor of PTZ cameras gives it an advantage over traditional bulky broadcast cameras. The discreet features of a PTZ camera allow it to be placed virtually anywhere in a studio without being in the way or obstructing anything. It also allows for some unique angles and viewpoints.

The camera allows 4K@60 resolutions to be shot at full zoom. So with the studio not being overly massive, the 12x optical zoom model was sufficient to cover the entire area. With all its connection inputs and NDI|HX 3 support, the BG-ADAMO-4KND cameras provide the ultimate flexibility in terms of shooting and production tasks/processes.

Along with the seven PTZ cameras, a BG-Commander joystick controller was also included. The BG-Commander PTZ joystick controller delivers precise control for both IP and serial PTZ cameras. With high-quality backlit buttons, PoE, and a durable metal chassis, the Commander offers a pleasing user experience. Now all seven cameras in the studio are easily controlled and operated remotely.

Image courtesy of Architectural Digest

Image courtesy of Architectural Digest



BZBGEAR's PTZ camera setup definitely exceeded Hartbeat's requirements for high-quality and flexible broadcast production for their new in-house podcast studio. The success of the project can be attributed to the simplicity and reliability of BZBGEAR's products, along with the exceptional support provided throughout the implementation process.

See more of Kevin Hart's offices here.

See BZBGEAR's studio setup in Architectural Digest's video "Inside Kevin Hart’s Stylish Hollywood Office" here.


Model Description Image



The BG-ADAMO-4KND is loaded with features including the latest NDI|HX3 technology, a full interface of video connections, and immaculate 4K@60Hz resolution. Integrated with NDI|HX3 technology, distribute the stream to multiple devices on the network using nothing more than a simple Ethernet connection. The 12G-SDI connection enables long distance cable runs without compromising image quality. Compose shots ahead of time utilizing the up to 255 programable presets, with 10 conveniently accessible using the IR remote. Capable of storing 1 TB of video footage with the Micro SD Card writer, start recording on the fly when other connections are inaccessible.



The BG-Commander PTZ joystick controller delivers precise control for both IP and serial PTZ cameras. With high-quality backlit buttons, the BG-Commander offers a pleasing user experience - even in low-light conditions. The solid metal chassis provides a durable, stable platform and is designed to stand up to years of heavy use, regardless of the setting. This controller is a great choice for live events, houses of worship, and broadcasting scenarios.

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