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U.S. Capital Video

CASE STUDY - National Capital Video

National Capital Video – Bringing Your Story to Life Through Cinematic Video Excellence.

Case Study: A multicamera webcast for the Aspen Institute series of speaker panels hosted by the US Capitol.

The Scenario: The National Capital Video group required high-quality cameras with user-friendly controls to effectively televise live discussion panels to their diverse constituent groups.

The esteemed webcasting organization sought to elevate the quality of its live discussion panel broadcasts from the US Capitol. This case study highlights how the implementation of BZBGEAR cameras and controllers revolutionized their webcasting capabilities.


To address this challenge, the project incorporated a comprehensive setup comprising three BG-VPTZ-30HSU cameras, one BG-VPTZ-20HSU camera, and one BG-Commander-Jr PTZ joystick controller. All four cameras were seamlessly managed using the controller. Additionally, the cameras were integrated with a Blackmagic Atem Extreme switcher for streamlined operation.

Benefits and Results:

The utilization of BZBGEAR cameras brought several key advantages, revolutionizing the webcasting experience for National Capital Video:

Unparalleled Image Quality: The BZBGEAR cameras, known for their small form factor and lightweight design, delivered exceptional image quality. The high-resolution output ensured captivating visuals for webcasting purposes.

Enhanced Flexibility: The 30x zoom range of the cameras proved instrumental in capturing events that demanded coverage from the “back of the room.” This flexibility allowed National Capital Video to deliver immersive experiences to its viewers.

Smooth Control and Operation: The incorporation of the BG-Commander-Jr PTZ joystick controller simplified camera management, providing the operators with intuitive and efficient control over all four cameras. This seamless integration optimized the overall workflow during live broadcasts.


Positive Collaboration Experience:

National Capital Video praised the Sales and Technical Support teams for their exemplary assistance throughout the project. In particular, Nathan Fox, Director of Tech Support, garnered accolades for his helpful and accommodating approach.

Client Testimonial:

P.R. Farrell, the Executive Producer of National Capital Video, LLC, expressed, “BZB cameras and controllers provides us with the right tools in the right configuration and price point to make it possible for our client to afford.”

By embracing BZBGEAR’s cutting-edge technology, National Capital Video successfully elevated its webcasting capabilities, ensuring its clients received a captivating and immersive broadcast experience.

Model Description Image


The BG-VPTZ-HSU3 camera by BZBGEAR offers a range of features and connectivity options. It captures images at resolutions up to 1080p@60Hz and provides simultaneous HDMI, 3G-SDI, USB 3.0, and IP streaming outputs for seamless integration into various workflows. With options for 10X, 20X, or 30X optical zoom lenses, it delivers detailed close-ups even in large venues. The camera supports audio embedding, H.264/H.265 video compression, and ONVIF, RTSP, and RTMP IP streaming protocols. It can be controlled through RS-232, RS-485, LAN, or IR remote control, and offers 255 preset positions. The BG-VPTZ-HSU3 is a compact PTZ camera with broadcast-quality video, flexible installation options, and advanced image processing capabilities.


The BG-Commander-Jr is a compact yet powerful professional-grade joystick controller designed to meet the demands of various applications. With its 2-axis joystick and zoom bridge key design, this controller offers refined control, durability, and stability, ensuring smooth and precise camera movement. It features a 7-level PTZ speed control with a visual indicator, allowing operators to have complete control over camera movements. The controller supports multiple communication protocols and interfaces for seamless integration with existing systems. It also provides real-time preset management, backlit silicone buttons for low-light environments.

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