A video signal extender is very common device in the AV market for extending Audio, Video and Control signals. The majority of commercial and many residential applications require video signals to travel extensive distances without losing quality and stability. Unfortunately, standard cables have distance limitations when transmitting and receiving signals. That’s where BZBGEAR's signal extenders comes in play. HDMI, USB and DVI Extenders typically come in pairs, consisting of a "Transmitter and Receiver". The transmitter is placed with the input source (e.g., cable box) and transmits the signal to the receiver that is placed with the output source (e.g., TV).

Video signal extenders are made for a multitude of signals including HDMI, DVI, VGA, USB, 3G-SDI, and composite. The type of extender you need depends on the setting and scenario. HDMI cables generally travel 50 ft before signal degradation occurs.

In a residence, if you have a cable box in the family room but like to watch in your bedroom 100 ft away, you have to incorporate an extender to successfully make this happen. Fiber Optic extenders are ideal for longer runs in commercial settings where you need to send a signal over 1000 ft with a limitation of 6.25 miles.

BZBGEAR Solutions

The BG-EXH-70C 4K HDMI extender can transmit an uncompressed [email protected] HDMI signal with zero latency at distances up to 70 meters. By utilizing a Cat6/6A/7 network cable this extender allows a signal to be transmitted farther than is possible using standard HDMI cables.
One of our highly coveted devices, the BG-EXHKVM-70C HDMI extender can transmit an uncompressed [email protected] HDMI signal with USB 2.0 at distances up to 70 meters. KVM functionality allows remote control of a PC or media player from the display side using a keyboard and mouse.
There are certain applications where CAT5 or 6 are just not going to cut it due to distance limitations. If your project requires 4K to pass 328ft, we've got the unit that will do just that.


What Is an HDMI Extender and Its Benefits?
HDMI extenders help out where HDMI cables are weak—distance. HDMI cables only reach 50 feet before signal deterioration settles in. If you've ever experienced your display pixelating, lagging, even with total picture loss, a common fix is to utilize an HDMI extender. An HDMI extender is a point-to-point device that does exactly what its name implies: it extends an HDMI signal from a source (cable box, game console) to the display.

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BZBGEAR Fiber Optic Extender Reaches Great Heights
Predominantly seen in the commercial world, there are long distance applications where CAT cables just won’t cut it. Some HDMI signals need to extend upwards to 3000 feet! That’s where a fiber optic extender comes into play, with its ability to transfer an HDMI signal as an uncompressed video signal for maximum performance retaining color depth, refresh rate, and transmission speeds.

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Fiber Optic Extender Goes the Extra Mile
Fiber optic cables are becoming the preferred option for transmitting high bandwidth signals like 4K transmissions. In the past, fiber optic cables could easily be compromised if twisted, bent, or even stepped on. But now they are more reliable as the jacket structure is more durable, lighter, and flexible. They really are the go-to cable for extending HDMI and control signals, especially when they need to travel farther than 330 feet, which is the typical drop-off point for HDBaseT products using CAT cables.

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