Extenders Overview

An extender is very popular in the AV market. As regular cables can only send video signals so far, many applications require signals to travel long distances without losing quality and stability. That’s where an extender comes in. Extenders consist of a transmitter and receiver. The transmitter is placed near the input source (e.g., cable box) as it will send the signal to the receiver, which is placed near the output source (e.g., TV). Extenders are made for a multitude of signals: HDMI, DVI, VGA, USB, 3G/HD/SD-SDI, IR, RS232, DisplayPort, composite, component, and even wireless signals. The type of extender you need will depend on the setting and scenario. HDMI cables can generally travel 50 feet before signal degradation starts to occur. In a residence, if you have a cable box in the family room and you’d like to watch it in your bedroom 100 feet away, you will have to incorporate an extender to successfully make this happen. Wireless extenders are popular in boardrooms for their ability to eliminate wires in a fast-paced environment. Fiber extenders are perfect for extremely long runs in a commercial setting where you need to send a signal over 1000 feet.
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