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House of Worship AV

Professional AV systems offer numerous benefits for houses of worship. They improve sound and video quality, ensuring clear and intelligible AV for all attendees. These systems also enhance live music performances by capturing and amplifying the sound of instruments and voices. Visual presentations are seamlessly integrated, making it easy to follow along with lyrics, scripture verses, and multimedia content. Additionally, professional AV systems enable live streaming and recording of services, extending the reach of the worship community. Integration with other technologies, scalability, and future-proofing capabilities make professional AV systems a valuable investment for houses of worship, enhancing the worship experience and facilitating effective communication. 

At BZBGEAR, we involve professional AV integrators and installers who work with our clients to design, install, and maintain these systems. Even after the project is completed, our lifetime technical support is guaranteed.

Matrix Switchers for Houses of Worship

Efficiently Route and Manage Sources

Matrix switchers offer numerous benefits to houses of worship, including flexible video routing for multiple sources and displays, seamless transitions between video sources, the ability to create captivating video walls, simultaneous display of multiple video sources on a single screen, synchronized audio and video integration, and convenient control options for efficient operation. These features enhance the visual experience, create engaging worship environments, and allow for smooth transitions during services, sermons, and events, ultimately contributing to a more immersive and impactful worship experience for congregants.

BG-4K-VP44 | Matrix Switcher/Multiviewer/Video Wall Processor

The BG-4K-VP44 is a 4×4 4K UHD seamless HDMI matrix switcher/video wall processor/multiviewer with scaler/IR/audio/IP and RS-232 making it a powerful and versatile device for houses of worship. It enables the creation of immersive video walls with up to 7 different modes for each monitor, allowing for visually engaging displays of religious content and presentations. With multiview capabilities, the device can showcase multiple video sources simultaneously, making it ideal for displaying live feeds, pre-recorded videos, slides, and worship lyrics on a single screen.

The device offers seamless matrix switching, ensuring smooth transitions between different video sources without any picture loss or delays. It supports high-quality imagery with resolutions up to 4K@60Hz 4:4:4, providing crisp details and rich colors. HDCP compliance protects copyrighted content, and flexible control options, including remote control and RS-232, allow for convenient management. With advanced features like EDID management and seamless scaling, the BG-4K-VP44 ensures optimal compatibility and enhances the overall worship experience by integrating audio and video seamlessly.


Installing the BG-4K-VP44 4×4 4K UHD seamless HDMI matrix switcher/video wall processor/multiviewer. This is just an example, other systems may differ.

BG-4K-VP99PRO | Long Distance Matrix Switcher/Multiviewer/Video Wall Processor

The BG-4K-VP99PRO is a 9x9 HDMI matrix switcher that offers several benefits for houses of worship. It provides unparalleled connectivity and quality, with multiple HDMI inputs, outputs, and loop outs, ensuring seamless integration with various sources, displays, and audio systems. The matrix switcher supports high-quality visuals with resolutions up to 4K60Hz 4:4:4, delivering exceptional clarity and color reproduction. The ability to extend HDMI signals up to 70m over CAT5/6/7 allows for large-scale AV projects and installations. The built-in EDID settings ensure a reliable connection, while HDCP compliance protects against unauthorized duplication.

The matrix switcher's advanced video processing capabilities enable seamless switching between video sources, video wall creation with up to a 3x3 configuration, and multiview capabilities to display up to 9 sources on a single screen. With balanced audio extraction support, the device offers an immersive audio experience. It provides flexible control options, including panel buttons, IR remote control, and RS232 commands, allowing for easy management and adjustment of settings.

Production Switchers for Houses of Worship

Enhancing Audio and Visual Management

Production switchers benefit houses of worship in several ways. They enable seamless switching between multiple video sources, such as cameras and pre-recorded content, enhancing the visual quality of services. With multi-camera support, houses of worship can capture different angles and perspectives, creating more engaging presentations.

Production switchers also facilitate the recording and live streaming of services, reaching a broader audience online. They allow for the integration of pre-recorded videos, graphics, and overlays, creating visually appealing worship experiences. Additionally, switchers allow skill development among volunteers and staff members involved in the technical aspects of the services.

BG-MFVS61-G2 | Production Switcher

The BG-MFVS51-G2 is a 6-channel 1080P FHD SDI/HDMI multi-format video switcher, mixer with picture in picture capabilities, and USB 3.0 capture which makes it a beneficial product for houses of worship. It allows seamless integration of multiple video and audio sources while supporting resolutions up to 1080p@60Hz.

An integrated audio mixer enables precise control and mixing of audio inputs. The picture-in-picture mode enhances visual presentations, and the multiple transition options provide smooth effects. The switcher's multiview outputs allow for easy monitoring, making it a versatile and efficient solution for managing video and audio sources during worship services.

How it works

Installing the BG-MFVS51-G2 6-channel 1080P FHD SDI/HDMI multi-format video switcher. This is just an example, other systems may differ.

Visual Storytelling With Precision

PTZ Joystick Controllers for Houses of Worship

PTZ joystick controllers provide intuitive and precise control over PTZ cameras in houses of worship. With smooth pan, tilt, and zoom functionality, operators can quickly adjust camera positions and capture important moments during services. The controllers often feature preset buttons for swift camera angle changes, ensuring smooth transitions and enhancing visual storytelling. Remote control capability allows operators to control PTZ cameras from a designated control room or other locations, providing convenience and minimizing distractions.

Additionally, PTZ joystick controllers support multi-camera control, allowing operators to coordinate and switch between multiple cameras, resulting in a more engaging visual experience for the congregation.

BG-Commander | For Mid-Large Scale Applications

The BG-Commander is a universal advanced serial and IP PTZ joystick controller with PoE (IP/RS232/422/485), is a versatile camera controller that offers numerous benefits for houses of worship. It enables easy control of multiple cameras, allowing seamless management of multiple camera angles during services or events. With quick access presets, image adjustment controls, and support for various control protocols, the BG-Commander ensures optimal camera positioning, image quality, and compatibility. Its user-friendly interface, durable construction, and precise control make it an excellent choice for live broadcasts, events, and services in houses of worship.

How it works

Installing the BG-Commander PTZ Joystick Controller. This is just an example, other systems may differ.

BG-Commander-Jr | For Small-Scale Applications

The BG-Commander-Jr PTZ camera joystick controller is a compact yet powerful tool that offers numerous benefits to houses of worship. Its refined control, durability, and stability ensure smooth and precise camera movement, allowing operators to capture essential moments during worship services effectively. With a 2-axis joystick, zoom bridge keys, and adjustable PTZ speeds with a visual indicator, the controller provides intuitive control over camera movements and image parameters.

The BG-Commander-Jr stands out for its wide compatibility, supporting various control protocols and interfaces, including VISCA, UDP, PELCO P/D, RS232, RS422/RS485, and IP(UDP). This versatility enables seamless integration with existing camera systems in houses of worship, ensuring easy and reliable control. The controller's compact design, portable nature, backlit silicone buttons, and LED multi-screen display to enhance its usability in different environments, making it an ideal choice for worship services, broadcasting, video conferencing, and more.

How it works

Installing the BG-Commander-Jr PTZ Joystick Controller. This is just an example, other systems may differ.

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