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CASE STUDYMillennium Corporation

Millennium Corporation - The leading edge of cybersecurity

Challenge: Improving Conference Communication

Millennium Corporation, a forward-thinking organization at the forefront of cybersecurity, faced the challenge of enhancing audio and video distribution during conferences across various suites and rooms within their network. The primary goal was to enable seamless communication during conferences, allowing for real-time adjustments of content sources and destinations.


  • Broadcast video, audio, and PC slides from two training rooms to various breakout rooms.
  • Flexibility to change sources and destinations dynamically during conferences.
  • The entire setup is contained within their internal network with no reliance on cloud resources like Teams or Zoom.


BZBGEAR Products Utilized: BG-VOP-MT (10 units) and BG-VOP-CB (1 unit)

BG-VOP-MT devices were configured as "Transmitters" and connected to the Video Switcher's HDMI Video Out port. This setup allowed the Video Switcher to transmit PC slides or video camera feeds to remote locations where BG-VOP-MT devices were configured as "Receivers." This ensured the efficient distribution of both video content and microphone audio to breakout rooms.

Equipment and Configuration:

In addition to BZBGEAR's AVoIP products, the following equipment was integrated into the project:

  • Two Video Switchers (one for each training room)
  • Two Audio Mixers (one for each training room)
  • SDI cables connecting cameras to the Video Switcher
  • Audio cables connecting microphones to the Audio Mixer


BZBGEAR's AVoIP solution not only met but exceeded Millennium Corporation's requirements for flexible communication during conferences. The success of the project can be attributed to the simplicity and reliability of BZBGEAR's products, along with the exceptional support provided throughout the implementation process. This case study illustrates how BZBGEAR's AVoIP solutions effectively enhance communication and collaboration in corporate settings.

Experience with BZBGEAR Sales and Technical Support:

Millennium Corporation had an exceptional experience working with BZBGEAR's Sales and Technical Support teams, rating them 5 stars. The teams played a crucial role in expediting hardware delivery, which was vital in meeting project deadlines.

Advantages of BZBGEAR over Competitors:

The choice of BZBGEAR's AVoIP solution was primarily influenced by its user-friendliness. Connecting and configuring the equipment for seamless communication was straightforward, ensuring efficient operation during conferences. This ease of use proved to be a significant advantage over other competitors.

Model Description Image


The BG-VOP-MT is a TAA-compliant 4K UHD AV over IP transceiver priced at $799. It extends HDMI sources over LAN, and supports audio, HDCP 2.2, PoE, KVM, and more. Ideal for video distribution and signage, it offers flexible broadcasting options, custom video walls, and remote control via a web interface or iOS app. It's compact, mountable, and can be easily expanded for HDMI matrix switching over IP.


The BG-VOP-CB is a TAA-compliant Smart Controller priced at $499. It manages up to 1024 BG-VOP-MT transceivers for scalable IP-based video distribution. Features include real-time monitoring, web-based GUI, HDMI and Ethernet ports, mobile app control, support for HDCP 2.2, graphics overlay, and video matrix. It's compact (90 x 78 x 29 mm) and suitable for audio-visual professionals and large campus signal distribution.

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