BZBGEAR Healthcare AV Solutions Work Wonders for Telemedicine

Telemedicine is changing the healthcare industry. Telehealth and telemedicine is the practice of healthcare and medicine using electronic and telecommunications technologies to deliver care at a distance. So a physician at the hospital can use a telecommunications infrastructure to provide care to a patient at home. Hospitals are always equipped with the latest, cutting-edge tech…
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What Are the Benefits of an Auto-Tracking PTZ Camera?

Auto-tracking PTZ cameras create a dynamic live stream without the added cost and complexity of video crews and equipment. Auto-tracking PTZ cameras provide pan, tilt, and zoom functions for following its target as he or she walks about and changes positions in the designated auto-tracking viewing perimeter. Teachers and professors already have so many challenges…
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How BZBGEAR Solidifies Government and Military AV Systems

Government and military AV systems are large scale projects requiring critical planning so the proper equipment is procured. BZBGEAR ensures this by working closely with representatives during the planning process and determining what is required and what is viable. BZBGEAR provides audio/video solutions for government agencies of the highest quality, reliability, as well as TAA…
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How to Create a Successful House of Worship Livestream

Pastor Roy is from a medium-sized church and currently uses a smartphone to livestream to Facebook. However, he feels it’s time to take his livestreaming to higher levels—one that directly communes with the Almighty One himself! Actually, Roy knows the Man above is quite busy and probably doesn’t have good internet being up so high.…
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