BZBGEAR Presents Live Stream and Video Conference Solutions

Live streaming and video conferencing are more accessible than ever with present technology. The power of smartphones and the reach of the internet allows millions to communicate and broadcast whenever they so please. And with the way 2020 took a hard left, driving people to adapt to new social and working methods, live streaming and…
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How COVID-19 Is Affecting the Pro AV Industry

With the novel coronavirus COVID-19 hitting swift and hard, the pro AV industry is bracing for hardships. In February, the impact of the pandemic hadn’t yet affected the pro AV industry. Sales growth stayed flat at 60.1, nearly the same score as last year when it was at 60.3, according to AVIXA’s Pro AV Business…
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Be Prepared for Today’s Mixed Environments

In mixed environments like educational facilities, there may be the latest devices and HDTVs. But lurking in the depths as well are old-school devices like VCRs and early laptops. It is important to be prepared and able to connect many different types of device formats and sources. The BZBGEAR BG-PSC11x2-HDBT presentation scaler switcher is the…
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What is a KVM Extender and Why Do I Need One?

What is a KVM extender? A KVM extender is a device that increases the distance from a keyboard, monitor, and mouse to a computer. USB cables for keyboards and mice can only give you reliable connections up to 5 meters, so a KVM extender is a great solution for transmitting these connections over substantially long…
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