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AV for Healthcare

AV solutions significantly benefit healthcare applications, enhancing communication, collaboration, and patient care. In healthcare facilities, AV technology can be utilized for telemedicine, enabling remote consultations and expanding access to healthcare services. This allows healthcare professionals to reach patients in remote locations or provide specialized expertise across different facilities. AV solutions also facilitate real-time video conferencing, enabling medical teams to collaborate and consult, leading to better coordination and improved patient outcomes. Additionally, AV systems can be integrated into operating rooms, allowing surgeons to access and share medical images, videos, and patient data during procedures, promoting precision and efficiency. In inpatient education and training, AV solutions provide interactive platforms for delivering medical information, improving patient understanding and engagement. Furthermore, digital signage and wayfinding systems assist visitors in navigating healthcare facilities efficiently.

AV over IP for Healthcare

Improving Media Management for Healthcare

AV over IP technology brings significant benefits to healthcare AV applications. By leveraging existing IP networks, it offers scalability, flexibility, and cost savings by eliminating the need for dedicated cabling infrastructure. The centralized management and control capabilities allow administrators to easily monitor and control AV devices from a central location. With high-quality video and audio transmission, healthcare professionals can collaborate seamlessly and engage in telemedicine applications. AV over IP also integrates smoothly with existing IT infrastructure, enabling interoperability with other healthcare systems and applications.


The IPGEAR-PRO AVoIP system offers several benefits for healthcare AV applications. Its powerful transmission capabilities allow for high-quality Ultra HD image distribution over existing Local Area Network (LAN) connections. This enables healthcare facilities to efficiently share medical images, videos, and presentations within their network, facilitating collaboration and improving communication among medical professionals.

The system's HDMI 2.0a and HDCP 2.2 compliance ensures compatibility with the latest video standards, supporting up to 4K resolution at 60Hz. This level of detail is crucial for medical applications that require precise imaging, such as radiology, telemedicine, or surgical procedures. The support for PoE (Power over Ethernet) simplifies installation and reduces the need for additional power sources.

The versatility of the IPGEAR-PRO system is particularly valuable in healthcare settings. Its flexible video broadcasting allows for the seamless distribution of content to multiple displays or video walls, enabling effective information sharing in waiting rooms, conference rooms, or educational settings. The bi-directional IR path and customizable overlays facilitate interactive presentations, training sessions, or patient education.

With low latency and support for various broadcasting architectures, including multi-casting, the system ensures real-time transmission and efficient delivery of AV content. The smart control features and intuitive web interface simplify management and configuration, while the mobile app support provides added convenience for remote control and monitoring.

Furthermore, the system's wall-mountable design and cost-effectiveness make it suitable for IoT installations in healthcare facilities, supporting the integration of AV systems into a broader network of connected devices.


Installing the IPGEAR-PRO AVoIP System. This is just an example, other systems may differ.

Software that works
with this solution

BZBGEAR offers free device control and management software to equipment users, which is available on Windows, macOS, iOS and Android.
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4K120 Video Capture Device

Real-time viewing and monitoring

The inclusion of 4K@120Hz capability in medical imaging, telemedicine, and healthcare recording applications brings enhanced detail, smooth motion, accurate monitoring and analysis, precise documentation, and future-proofing. The high-resolution and high-refresh-rate combination allows for exceptional image clarity, fluid motion, and detailed examination of medical content. It supports accurate diagnoses, improves telemedicine consultations, enhances educational resources, and ensures reliable documentation. Additionally, it prepares healthcare institutions for future advancements in imaging technology, minimizing the need for immediate system replacements.


The BG-4K120CHA is a USB-C 4K@120Hz video capture box with scaler, HDMI 2.1 loopout, audio & HDR10 to SDR conversion offers significant benefits for healthcare settings. With its high-quality video capture capabilities, it allows for precise recording of medical procedures and training sessions with exceptional clarity.

The device ensures realistic color rendition and low latency, providing accurate and real-time monitoring of video streams. It is compatible with popular software, supports HDR10 to SDR conversion, and offers plug-and-play functionality, making it a convenient and versatile tool for medical imaging, telemedicine, and recording applications in healthcare settings.

How it works

Installing the BG-4K120CHA USB-C 4K120 video capture device. This is just an example, other systems may differ.

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