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Software applications

Introducing BZBGEAR Switch Control: Redefining Device Management and Control
Step into a new era of device management and control with BG-SWITCH-CONTROL, the game-changing software engineered for BZBGEAR AVoIP and Matrix devices. With a relentless focus on user experience, this app empowers you to effortlessly command your AVoIP systems and Matrix Switchers, ushering in a seamless and intuitive control revolution.

BZBGEAR Switch Control Software Page
Command, control,
and conquer with
BZBGEAR Switch Control!
Introducing BZBGEAR Pro PTZ Camera Control: Elevate Your PTZ Camera Experience with Precision and Ease
Are you ready to take your camera control to the next level? Welcome to the cutting-edge Pro PTZ Camera Control software designed by BZBGEAR. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just stepping into the world of PTZ cameras, PTZ Camera Control empowers you to master the art of camera control with finesse and simplicity.

BZBGEAR Pro PTZ Camera Control Software Page
Don't just control
your cameras – master them
Elevate Monitoring. Ensure Security. Choose BG-NUTRIX Software
Elevate your medical facility's patient monitoring and management to unparalleled heights with BG-NUTRIX Software – the heartbeat of precision inpatient and outpatient monitoring. Crafted for BZBGEAR's IEC 60601 certified Medical Grade PTZ Camera, this cutting-edge software puts you in the director's seat, seamlessly controlling pan, tilt, zoom, and audio functions. Navigate effortlessly through the setup and management section, ensuring optimal camera performance. From privacy settings that safeguard sensitive information to user configurations tailoring access permissions, BG-NUTRIX is the guardian of your facility's security. For the ultimate patient care experience, delve into the exclusive Patient Data Access section, providing secure insights during critical moments. Transform your patient monitoring into an engaging symphony of precision and care – BG-NUTRIX Software, where innovation meets wellbeing.
Command, control,
and conquer with
BG-NUTRIX Software!

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