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TAA Compliant Government AV Solutions

Professional AV solutions significantly benefit government applications by enhancing agencies' communication, collaboration, and information sharing. They enable video conferencing, multimedia content creation, and remote access to training materials, fostering efficient operations and improved decision-making. These solutions also play a vital role in crisis management and emergency response, providing real-time video monitoring, remote coordination, and situational awareness.

Additionally, AV solutions promote public engagement and transparency through live streaming, archiving proceedings, and accessibility features. TAA-compliant professional AV solutions further offer advantages by ensuring compliance with trade agreements, prioritizing security and data protection, facilitating interoperability and integration, providing reliable performance and comprehensive support, and enabling long-term sustainability. By opting for TAA-compliant AV solutions, government agencies can deploy secure, reliable, and compatible systems that meet operational requirements while adhering to trade agreements.

AV over IP for Government

Improving Media Management for Government

AV over IP technology brings significant benefits to government AV applications. By leveraging existing IP networks, it offers scalability, flexibility, and cost savings by eliminating the need for dedicated cabling infrastructure. The centralized management and control capabilities allow administrators to easily monitor and control AV devices from a central location. With high-quality video and audio transmission, government employees can collaborate seamlessly and engage with other government applications. AV over IP also integrates smoothly with existing IT infrastructure, enabling interoperability with other government systems and applications.


The IPGEAR-PRO AVoIP system offers significant benefits for government AV applications. Its powerful transmission capabilities enable high-quality Ultra HD image distribution over existing LAN connections, facilitating collaboration and improving communication among government professionals.

The system's compliance with HDMI 2.0a and HDCP 2.2 ensures compatibility with the latest video standards, supporting up to 4K resolution at 60Hz. This level of detail is crucial for government applications that require precise imaging and video quality. The system's versatility allows for seamless content distribution to multiple displays or video walls, enabling effective information sharing in government facilities.

With low latency, support for various broadcasting architectures, and intuitive control features, the IPGEAR-PRO AVoIP system ensures real-time transmission and efficient delivery of AV content. Its wall-mountable design and cost-effectiveness make it suitable for IoT installations in government facilities, supporting the integration of AV systems into a broader network of connected devices. Overall, the IPGEAR-PRO AVoIP system empowers government agencies with high-quality image distribution, compatibility with industry standards, versatile content broadcasting, and efficient AV transmission.


Installing the IPGEAR-PRO AVoIP system. This is just an example, your application may differ.

Software that works
with this solution

BZBGEAR offers free device control and management software to equipment users, which is available on Windows, macOS, iOS and Android.
KVM Extension for Government

Enhancing Remote Access and Monitoring

KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) extenders provide valuable benefits for government AV applications. They enable remote access and control of computers and systems, ensuring secure operations and minimizing unauthorized access to sensitive information. KVM extenders support centralized management, allowing efficient monitoring and maintenance of multiple systems from a single control station. They extend the reach of keyboard, video, and mouse signals over long distances, enabling flexible placement of AV equipment while maintaining real-time control.

Additionally, KVM extenders facilitate collaborative work environments and comply with government security standards, enhancing efficiency, security, and productivity in government agencies, military installations, and critical government operations.


The BZBGEAR BG-UHD-18GFE 4K HDMI USB KVM Extender Kit over Fiber is a TAA-compliant product that offers significant benefits for government AV applications. It provides reliable and lossless transmission of uncompressed 4K@60Hz 4:4:4 HDMI video with USB 2.0 over long distances up to 6.25 miles (10km). With support for RS-232 and bi-directional IR pass-through, it enables enhanced control and flexibility. The extender ensures crystal-clear images, HDR support, and secure performance. It is ideal for government agencies, military installations, and large campuses requiring high-quality video, remote control, and adherence to procurement regulations.

How it works

Installing the BG-UHD-18GFE 4K HDMI USB KVM Extender Kit. This is just an example, other systems may differ.

HDMI Matrix Switchers for Government

Better Source Management and Routing for Government

HDMI matrix switchers provide valuable benefits for government AV applications. They enable centralized control and management of AV systems, simplifying operations and promoting efficiency. With support from multiple sources and displays, they facilitate seamless collaboration and information sharing in government meetings, briefings, and command centers.

HDMI matrix switchers ensure reliable signal distribution, support high-definition formats, and prioritize data security with features like encryption and content protection. They offer flexibility, scalability, and integration capabilities, making them adaptable to various AV setups and enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of government AV environments.


The BG-UHD-44M 4K HDMI matrix switcher offers several benefits for government AV applications. With four HDMI 2.0a inputs and outputs, it allows users to share up to four HDMI sources with up to four displays, making it suitable for scenarios where multiple sources need to be shown on multiple displays or a single source needs to be displayed on all screens. The matrix switcher supports a maximum resolution of 4K@60Hz 4:4:4 with HDR, ensuring stunning image quality. It also supports high-quality audio formats, including Dolby Digital, DTS-HD, and Dolby TrueHD.

In terms of control, the BG-UHD-44M provides multiple options such as front panel controls, IR remote control, RS-232, and IP control. It includes an IR receiver for remote control operation, and its web interface and control software enable advanced features like EDID management, mapping, and network settings adjustment. The matrix switcher is TAA compliant, meeting the standards of the Trade Agreement Act.

How it works

Installing the BG-UHD-44M 4K HDMI matrix switcher. This is just an example, other systems may differ.


The BG-UHD-88M 8x8 4K HDMI matrix switch with audio extraction and ARC support offers several benefits for government AV applications. With its ability to handle resolutions up to 4K2K@60Hz 4:4:4 and support HDR, it provides crystal clear images, ensuring high-quality visuals. The matrix switch has eight HDMI 2.0a inputs and eight HDMI 2.0a outputs, allowing for flexible routing of signals in one-to-one or one-to-many configurations.

Control options for the BG-UHD-88M include front panel buttons, IR remote control, RS-232, web interface, and IP control, providing versatility in managing the system. It also supports integration with popular third-party control systems like Crestron, Control 4, AMX, and RTI, expanding its compatibility with existing setups.

The matrix switch features smart EDID management, facilitating seamless integration with legacy displays and optimizing signal quality. It supports audio extraction through the eight coax S/PDIF outputs and HDMI ARC capabilities, enabling the de-embedding of multi-channel digital audio (up to 7.1 channels). HDCP 2.2 compliance ensures secure content protection.

How it works

Installing the BG-UHD-88M 8x8 4K HDMI matrix switch. This is just an example, other systems may differ.

Software that works
with this solution

BZBGEAR offers free device control and management software to equipment users, which is available on Windows, macOS, iOS and Android.
Video Wall Processors for Government

Seamless Control, Unmatched Visual Precision

Video wall processors offer numerous benefits to government AV applications. They enable the creation of large, high-resolution display walls to showcase critical information such as real-time data, emergency alerts, surveillance footage, and maps. By integrating and visualizing various data sources, video wall processors enhance situational awareness and facilitate collaborative decision-making among teams. These processors are especially valuable in command and control centers, where they provide operators with a unified visual display for monitoring and coordinating operations.

Additionally, video wall processors offer flexibility, scalability, and advanced data visualization capabilities, empowering government agencies to optimize their AV infrastructure and improve operational efficiency.


The BG-UHD-VWP-1X4 4K 1x4 Video Wall Processor offers several benefits for government AV applications. With support for HDMI/DisplayPort signals up to 4K2K@60Hz 4:4:4, it delivers high-quality, crisp images, making it ideal for digital signage, broadcasting, education, and surveillance systems. The embedded scaler technology ensures that video signals are converted to match the native resolution of monitors and projectors, while customizable output settings allow for tailored display options.

The BG-UHD-VWP-1X4 unit is highly versatile and can be controlled through various methods such as USB, push buttons, Ethernet, web GUI, and IR remote control. It stores image parameters in flash memory, allowing easy recall of preferred settings without frequent reconfiguration. The processor is HDCP 2.2 compliant, ensuring compatibility with the latest content protection standards.

This video wall processor provides flexibility in modifying layouts to suit different applications, making it a cost-effective choice. Its features include high-resolution input support, easy control options, remote access via IntriCloud Service, compliant ports (HDMI 2.0a and DisplayPort 1.2a), scalability for individual HDMI output adjustment, sturdy metal construction, default EDIDs, firmware upgradability, and the ability to divide 4K2K@60Hz inputs onto four 1080p@60Hz displays (2x2 configuration).

How it works

Installing the BG-UHD-VWP-1X4 4K 1x4 Video Wall Processor. This is just an example, other systems may differ.

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