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BG-NUTRIX Software

Elevate monitoring. Ensure security.
Choose BG-NUTRIX Software.

Experience the pinnacle of inpatient and outpatient monitoring and management with our state-of-the-art software, meticulously crafted for the BG-NUTRIX – BZBGEAR's IEC 60601 certified Medical Grade PTZ Camera.

Elevate your medical facility's patient monitoring and management to unparalleled heights with BG-NUTRIX Software – the heartbeat of precision inpatient and outpatient monitoring. Crafted for BZBGEAR's IEC 60601 certified Medical Grade PTZ Camera, this cutting-edge

software puts you in the director's seat, seamlessly controlling pan, tilt, zoom, and audio functions. Navigate effortlessly through the setup and management section, ensuring optimal camera performance. From privacy settings that safeguard sensitive information to user configurations tailoring access permissions, BG-NUTRIX is the guardian of your facility's security. For the ultimate patient care experience, delve into the exclusive Patient Data Access section, providing secure insights during critical moments. Transform your patient monitoring into an engaging symphony of precision and care – BG-NUTRIX Software, where innovation meets wellbeing.



Setting Up and Management

Accessing and Adding Your Cameras

  • Camera Identification: Easily identify and access connected cameras on the local area network.

Monitor and Control

  • Monitoring: Effortlessly monitor video and audio feeds.
  • Pan, Tilt, and Zoom: Pan left and right, tilt up and down and zoom in and out from the control panel.
  • Presets: Save and recall preferred configurations with preset functionalities.
  • Auto Tracking: Enable and disable auto tracking with a click of a button.
  • Network-Based Video Feeds via NDI: Leverage network-based video feeds via NDI for enhanced connectivity and data transmission.

Configuring the Perfect Picture

  • Image Settings: Focus, exposure, color, and other image settings are available in the video parameters tab.

Security and Administration

  • Privacy Settings: Maintain control over privacy settings to safeguard sensitive information. Users will also be able to enable privacy mode while monitoring which blurs the image until the feature is disabled.
  • Location Configuration: Manage the location settings to organize connected cameras by manually assigning each unit's department, floor, and room.
  • User Configuration: Establish individual logins and settings for users according to their roles: User, Admin, and Manager.
  • User Camera Configuration: Administer the camera access permissions for each user.

Manage important patient data

  • Patient Data Access: Secure access to patient data for comprehensive management. Who the patient is, where they are located, and any important medical information you should know during the call.

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