A switcher is a device used to toggle between multiple audio/video devices and send the output to one or more displays. BZBGEAR has a large selection of video switchers that are in stock and ready to ship from our facility in Sacramento, CA. Browse our various switcher categories or speak to one of our expert sales engineers to help find the right switcher for your application.

BZBGEAR Solutions

Professional level live stream production is feasible with the BZBGEAR® BG-HDVS42U, a compact 4-channel HDMI video switcher.
Don’t let the compact size of the BZBGEAR BG-MFVS61 portable A/V Mixer fool you, it packs a punch! The ideal mixer for mobile events or situations in which space is a premium, it’s lightweight and portable yet tough enough to withstand field deployments.
The BG-PS41-BYOD-4K is ideal for small businesses or private conference rooms. By connecting the unit to an ethernet cable like a Cat5/6 versus wireless, the device is suitable for those requiring secure LAN connectivity. It’s straightforward to set up a valuable solution for any conference room.
Part 2 of our segment covering the BZB Gear BG-PSC6x2-4K & BG-PSC6x2-4K Presentation Switchers, our tech expert Chris Graham unboxes, installs, and demos both units.


What Is a Video Switch (Mixer) and Do I Need One?
Live streams can be produced with a single camera or multiple cameras, the latter providing different angles. When you begin working with two or more cameras, it’s a good idea to get the help of a video switch. A video switch, or video mixer, brings in multiple audio/video feeds (e.g., PTZ cameras, presentation slides) and selects which feed to send live at any given time. Video switches also have the cool ability to add production elements to your broadcast.

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How to Connect the BG-PS41-BYOD-4K Presentation Switcher for Small- to Medium-Size Conference Rooms
Electronics can be intimidating to the average user unfamiliar with technical terminology, styles of AV connections, and the different types of distinctive cabling required. In this DIY article, we are discussing how to connect and set up the BG-PS41-BYOD-4K presentation switcher designed for small to medium-sized conference and presentation room.

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Elevate Any Viewing Experience With A Video Wall Matrix Switcher
The recent introduction of 4K/HDR resolutions raises the expectations of a fantastic viewing experience. Modern-day patrons will remember if your establishment is visually appealing and entertaining. The next time they organize a watch party or want to catch a ball game, their recollection flashes a memory of which establishment has the best TVs and large displays. Establishments understand the importance of visual entertainment to attract and retain their customers.

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