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Customer Resources

Technical Support
Our technical support team is here to help you with any trouble you may encounter with your BZBGEAR equipment. Call or send an email to the technical support team to receive assistance as soon as possible.
Sales Support
The BZBGEAR sales support team always puts the customer first. Here at BZBGEAR, our goal is to help our customers find the perfect solution that fits their budget.

Business Resources

Become a Dealer
Here at BZBGEAR, we genuinely value our partnerships. Partner with us and capitalize on the array of benefits, including personalized support and free marketing/press.
Project Registration
We understand that every project is unique. Register your project to receive hands-on and personalized assistance with your next project.
Submit your Ideas
Here at BZBGEAR, we understand the importance of listening to learn. Let us know how we can strengthen our products and services to precisely fit your needs.
BZBGEAR offers a great work culture, supportive environment and long-term career development. Apply today and become a part of the BZBGEAR team!

BZBGEAR Headquarters

830 National Dr Ste 140, Sacramento, CA 95834, USA
Office: (888) 499-9906
Local: +1 (916) 383-3154
Email: [email protected]

the perfect solution

Choose between main different parameters to get BZBGEAR products ideal fit to your solution.