Production Switchers

Production Switchers

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Live streaming can be produced with one or multiple cameras, the latter providing different angles. When your setup requires two or more cameras, it’s time to get a video hardware production switcher.

A production switcher, or video mixer, connects multiple audio/video feeds like PTZ cameras and presentation slides displaying these feeds in Multiview on a display prior to streaming the final image. These video feeds can be switched for different angle shots for the final Program out feed for live streaming. Most production switchers offer a USB capture output eliminating the requirement for a Capture Device, but if the switcher does not offer this output, you will require a Capture Device or Card for HDMI or SDI signal conversion to USB. The purpose of the USB connection is so the video feed can be selected using a software program for live streaming like OB Studios, vMix, ProPresenter, XSplit, etc. Another cool benefit is many production switchers also have the ability to add creative production elements to your broadcast like logos. To ensure you are choosing the best switcher for your application, make certain to check the connections on the switcher match your cameras outputs, HDMI or SDI and that the audio connections will work if using mixers and microphones.

BZBGEAR has perfectly balanced production switchers providing broadcast-quality audio and video for a price that is hard to match.

BZBGEAR Solutions

Professional level live stream production is feasible with the BZBGEAR® BG-HDVS42U, a compact 4-channel HDMI video switcher. Switch, mix audio, program and multiview outputs, upstream/downstream keys, and PIP/POP options.
Take your production to the next level! Chris connects and mixes it up with the BG-HDVS42U, a compact 4-channel HDMI video switcher supporting an abundance of features including video switching, audio mixing, PGS/Multiview USK/DSK, and PIP/POP.
Don’t let the compact size of the BZBGEAR BG-MFVS61 portable A/V Mixer fool you, it packs a punch! The ideal mixer for mobile events or situations in which space is a premium, it’s lightweight and portable yet tough enough to withstand field deployments.
The BG-MFVS61 AV mixer/switcher for mobile events, live streaming or situations in which space is a premium is lightweight and portable to withstand field deployments.


What Is a Video Switch (Mixer) and Do I Need One?
Live streams can be produced with a single camera or multiple cameras, the latter providing different angles. When you begin working with two or more cameras, it’s a good idea to get the help of a video switch. A video switch, or video mixer, brings in multiple audio/video feeds (e.g., PTZ cameras, presentation slides) and selects which feed to send live at any given time. Video switches also have the cool ability to add production elements to your broadcast.

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