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The state-of-the-art Pro PTZ Camera Control software

Pro PTZ Camera Control Made Easy: Navigate, Switch, and Fine-Tune Your Shots
Welcome to BZBGEAR Pro PTZ Camera Control, the ultimate solution for the seamless and precise management of BZBGEAR PTZ cameras. With an array of powerful features, our cutting-edge software empowers you to take charge of every aspect of your camera's performance, ensuring stunning visuals and effortless control.


Joystick Control: Navigate with Pan, Tilt, and Zoom

  • Effortlessly maneuver your PTZ camera with our intuitive octagonal touchpad controller and easy-to-use sliders, granting you access to a full range of motions.
  • BZBGEAR Pro PTZ Camera Control offers precise manipulation of pan, tilt, zoom, and focus. Experience the fluidity of adjustable PTZ speed for smooth and professional transitions. With the Joystick control, make on-the-fly adjustments to capture every moment flawlessly.

Camera Switching Made Easy: Seamlessly Transition Between Cameras

  • Designed for professionals and beginners alike, our user-friendly interface allows you to effortlessly manage multiple cameras.
  • The PTZ Control application supports multiple cameras, utilizing the VISCA over IP camera control protocol. Seamlessly switch between cameras, enabling you to capture diverse angles and perfect shots.

Presets for Effortless Camera Setup

  • Efficiency and time management are crucial – don't waste time on repetitive setups, just preset and recall!
  • Customize camera names and create presets to identify and set up devices quickly. Save and instantly call specific camera positions for efficient and effortless camera setup.

Auto Tracking: Smart Zone and Presenter Tracking

  • For auto-tracking PTZ cameras, we offer intelligent features like Smart Zone and Presenter Tracking.
  • With auto-tracking, your camera will follow a subject or presenter automatically, ensuring they always remain in the frame. Presenter Tracking offers unparalleled freedom, enabling presenters to interact with the audience while being continuously tracked. Smart Zone Tracking can be set to follow specific areas, providing a clear, smooth representation of the content being displayed.

Fine-tune Your Shots: Camera Settings for Brightness, Contrast, and Focus

  • Take full control of your image settings with on-the-go focus and iris sliders.
  • Adjust brightness, contrast, and focus parameters with ease. Fine-tune your shots to achieve the desired visual quality and clarity effortlessly.
Light Mode / Dark Mode

Supported Cameras


Elevate Your PTZ Camera Control

Upgrade your PTZ camera control experience with the BZBGEAR app.
Effortlessly navigate, switch between cameras, and fine-tune your shots to capture every moment with perfection.

Get started today and unleash
the true potential of your PTZ camera.

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