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Elevating Clinical Education with BZBGEAR Solutions


Dublin City University (DCU), known globally as one of the leading young universities, sought to enhance its Clinical Education Centre's capabilities. The challenge was to evaluate and integrate BZBGEAR's cutting-edge camera technology, specifically the BG-Adamo-4KND Camera and BG-Commander-JR, to bolster real-time streaming capabilities and Power over Ethernet (PoE) connectivity. Additionally, the objective was to create a comprehensive product demonstration video showcasing the seamless interoperability and functionality of BZBGEAR's solutions in a clinical education environment.

Systems Integrated: WolfVision EU, BZBGEAR, Clinical Skills LTD., and Rodemics


BZBGEAR Products:

  • BG-Adamo-4KND NDI|HX3 Auto Tracking PTZ Camera
  • BG-Commander-JR Compact PTZ Joystick Controller

Additional Equipment:

  • Wolfvision Cynap
  • Vsolution Matrix

Software Utilized:

  • Vsolution Matrix (Wolfvision)
  • Control of BZBGear camera through BG-Commander-JR or Streamdeck plugin

Advantages & Benefits of BZBGEAR

Interoperability: BZBGEAR solutions seamlessly integrated with the Streamdeck plugin and BG-Commander-JR, offering effortless preset management.

Recording Capability: The BG-Adamo-4KND Camera's ability to record to an SD card provided DCU with content flexibility, ensuring they never missed capturing valuable educational moments.

Streaming Capabilities: With robust RTSP streams and NDI capabilities, BZBGEAR solutions provided DCU with versatile streaming options, enabling the dissemination of educational content with ease.

Presets: Hundreds of programmable presets simplified configuration and shot composition, enhancing the overall efficiency of the Clinical Education Centre.

Watch the full demonstration here

Customer Testimonial:

Patrick Doyle, Senior Technical Officer at DCU, expressed his satisfaction with BZBGEAR products, saying, "I am absolutely thrilled with the BZB Gear Adamo 4K ND Camera! The RTSP/NDI|HX3 technology makes streaming a breeze, and the 4K@60Hz resolution delivers stunningly sharp visuals. One of my favorite aspects is the 255 programmable presets, which allow me to compose shots in advance and switch between them effortlessly with the joypad. Plus, the 1 TB Micro SD Card writer is a lifesaver, allowing me to start recording instantly when other connections aren't available."


The School of Nursing, Psychotherapy & Community Health at Dublin City University successfully implemented BZBGEAR's BG-Adamo-4KND Camera and BG-Commander-JR, alongside other audio-visual equipment, to elevate the capabilities of their Clinical Education Centre. BZBGEAR's seamless integration, versatile streaming options, and user-friendly presets have significantly enhanced the quality of their educational content and technical capabilities. Patrick Doyle's testimonial is a testament to the remarkable performance and tangible benefits derived from BZBGEAR products.

This case study highlights how DCU harnessed BZBGEAR solutions, to empower their clinical education environment, ensuring a richer and more immersive learning experience for students and educators alike. A special thanks to Justin Dawson for making this project possible.

Model Description Image


Introducing the BG-Commander-Jr: a compact, powerful joystick controller designed for various applications. It offers precise camera control with a 2-axis joystick and zoom bridge key. Its standout feature is the 7-level PTZ speed control, allowing operators to adjust camera movement speed visually. It also has knob-style controls with small displays for easy adjustment of exposure and gain parameters.


The BG-ADAMO-4KND auto tracking PTZ camera boasts NDI|HX3 technology, extensive video connectivity, and stunning 4K@60Hz resolution. It allows easy network distribution with Ethernet, long-distance 12G-SDI, 255 programmable presets, an IR remote for quick access to 10 presets, and 1 TB video storage via Micro SD Card for on-the-fly recording when other connections aren't available.

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