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Project & Educational Program Registration Request Form
BZBGEAR recognizes that some of our dealers specify our products for design/build projects
or proposals that may go out to bid. The "Project Registration Program" is intended to reward BZBGEAR’s authorized dealers for specifying and creating the market for our products.

By completing this "Project Registration Request Form" and attaching the appropriate specification and/or proposal documentation, you will apply to register project for BZBGEAR products that your company has uniquely specified. If BZBGEAR accepts your project registration request and you ultimately secure the project, your company will receive special pricing from BZBGEAR when you order BZBGEAR products included in the identified project.

  • BZBGEAR will respond to each registration in writing, verifying if the project registration request is accepted and if the dealer is confirmed as the “Specifying Dealer of Record” for the project.
  • To be confirmed as the "Specifying Dealer of Record", BZBGEAR must be able to verify that the project is a direct result of your company efforts in creating the original specification/proposal for BZBGEAR products.
  • If the project registration request is not accepted, BZBGEAR will provide the reasons for non-acceptance. BZBGEAR may request more information before making a decision, but once rendered, BZBGEAR’s decision is final.
  • "Specifying Dealers of Record" can place their orders at BZBGEAR special dealer cost, or a lower cost as may be defined by BZBGEAR, for the products included in the project, as identified on the Registration Form.
  • This program is exclusively offered to BZBGEAR authorized dealers located in North America, specifying projects for end users within their geographic territory, as defined in their BZBGEAR dealer agreement. The dealers must be BZBGEAR authorized at the time of submission of this form, as well as at the time of order placement.
  • Sales of BZBGEAR equipment that are specified by design consultants or independent design/build firms are not eligible for project registration by dealers.
  • Approved project registrations will expire 12 months from the original date of submission of this form.
Complete the "Project Registration Request Form" on the following page and submit it to your BZBGEAR account manager, along with appropriate supporting documentation.
Please complete all information below and email it to [email protected]
and also to your RSM
Select Registration that applies:*

Noneducational ProjectEducational Project
Dealer Name*
Dealer Contact Name *

End User Company Name (If applicable)

End User / Job Location (City, State, Country)

Educational Institution (If applicable)

Dealer Branch Location (City & State)

Describe the Project & Your Dealership’s Role in Creating the Spec (attach additional info if necessary)

I Certify that this Project is Going Out to Bid

List the Dealers that will be Bidding on this Project

Anticipated Purchase Date
Anticipated Delivery Date


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