Joystick Controllers

Joystick Controllers

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Live events can be extremely stressful when it comes to ensuring smooth transitions between scenes and camera angles. Controlling PTZ cameras movements using a simple Joystick Controller is the preferred method of control versus a software program or remote controls. Joysticks provide finite movements and adjustments that can be made with a simple touch of a button or movement of the joystick. Make sure when choosing a joystick controller that the required method of communication matches the cameras abilities. For example, if the controller will be connected to the network, the camera and joystick must use either Visca IP or ONVIF protocols. If deciding that a hardwired connection from the joystick to the camera is more convenient, then make sure to check the type of serial connection protocol and connection type selected are supported by both units.

A Joystick Controller can be used for virtually any application including houses of worship, live sporting events, education, fitness instruction, and TV broadcasts.

Keep things simple and under control by incorporating BZBGEAR Joystick Controllers offering IP control as well as a variety of serial connections for PTZ cameras.

BZBGEAR Solutions

Universal IP Joystick Controller Commands Multiple PTZ Cameras.
How to Connect an IP Joystick Controller to Manage Multiple PTZ Cameras.
How to Connect a PTZ Camera to a Joystick Using Serial Control - RS232, RS422, RS485.


All-round IP PTZ Camera for Live Streaming Features HDMI, SDI, and LAN.
The innovation of Power over Ethernet (PoE) has attracted many people to consider a PTZ camera for live streaming with HDMI, SDI, LAN, and PoE. When you remove the need for a power cable, it’s brilliant! When you develop a camera that includes three video output connections, it’s empowering.

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