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What is a videobar?
Videobars are a must have tool for every corporate and office setting. A videobar is an all-in-one audio/video solution that significantly improves videoconferencing. These devices integrate audio and video into a single unit, while providing the same level of functionality as single-purpose built equipment.





Special Features of the Videobars
BZBGEAR videobars come with special features such as auto-framing, automatic privacy covers, multiple embedded microphones, and auto-tracking. You can also expect resolutions up to 4K and high quality audio output.


The BZBGEAR Difference
There is a reason our customers return to us time and again for advice, add-ons, and system expansion. Our belief in our products is demonstrated in our 3-year A/V Equipment and 5-year Camera Warranties, and our pride in customer service is backed by a team of highly trained sales and technical support engineers. Our ever-expanding Knowledge Base features step by step guides for setup and integration, and our YouTube channel features in depth dives into the setup, configuration, and features of our diverse family of products.

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