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Everything you need for efficient inpatient & outpatient monitoring

Better Communication& Diagnoses
The powerful speaker and mic, integrated into the dock, can be easily detached and located strategically to enhance the quality of communication

Enable auto-tracking on the camera remotely if you need your patient to be active during the remote consultation.

The 4K60 video quality and 30X optical zoom ensure you and your patient are getting an accurate assessment
24/Hr monitoring
The integrated IR night vision technology allows for clear and secure monitoring of patients through the night without disturbance
Enhanced Security and Data Backup
The BG-NUTRIX is HDCP compliant, ensuring automatic data security for high-definition content. To enhance the physical security of the camera, the Kensington Security Slot is integrated. Activate the active recording feature and keep track of important consultations using the integrated memory card slot. The IEC 60601 medical certification ensures that the camera meets safety standards for medical environments.

Additional Applications of the BG-NUTRIX System

Efficient recording & monitoring during procedures

  • Clear 2-way audio
  • 4K image quality at 60Hz
  • 30X zoom for detailed close-up shots
  • Up to 1TB memory card
  • Quick access to patient data

The BG-NUTRIX is ideal for active recording and monitoring during medical procedures. It facilitates effective communication between surgeons and their assistants during the procedure, regardless of the remote location of the recipient. Furthermore, to maintain records, the software interface offers an option to activate active recording. This feature allows those overseeing the procedure to initiate the recording of 4K footage onto a memory card capable of storing up to 1TB of video data.


 Streamline training & education

  • Clear 2-way audio
  • 4K image quality at 60Hz
  • 30X zoom for detailed close-up shots
  • Up to 1TB memory card
  • Quick access to patient data
  • AI Auto Tracking

Enhance your training and educational sessions significantly with the BG-NUTRIX. Thanks to its clear audio and smooth video quality, trainees will effortlessly follow along. The powerful 30X zoom allows for detailed closeups, ensuring no information is lost, and instructions remain crystal clear. When the doctor or instructor needs to be active during their session, perhaps moving around the room or adjusting equipment, you can keep them in frame throughout by activating the auto-tracking feature.

Furthermore, in the BG-NUTRIX management software hub, trainees will have the ability to access patient data while watching the session. This provides them with clear and easy access to enhance their overall understanding.


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