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Box cameras like the BG-BFS are typically designed for simple static shots requiring a fixed zoom, ideal for podcasts, surveillance, and monitoring scenarios. In most cases, Box Cameras will be used to record to a hard drive or the cloud. However, BZBGEAR Box Cameras offer more than ordinary Box Cameras and are perfect for many unique applications.

The BG-MAESTRO Box Camera is an Auto-Tracking ePTZ camera armed with SDI, USB 3.0, and a LAN port designed to stream online directly from the camera’s web interface (WebGUI) accessible via an IP address or using the video output connection. Or go with the BG-PACKSHOT-C10X to get up close to objects like jewelry, nails, paintings, microchips, and other arts and crafts hobbies. The PACKSHOT is capable of 10x optical zoom for extreme close ups along with amazingly fast auto-focus for quick movements.

No matter what the scenario may be, if a Box Camera is the form factor required, BZBGEAR has ventured outside the box to ensure you receive an amazing solution.

Box Cameras are an ideal fit for:


Create a static shot to offset a PTZ camera


Perfect for monitoring entries and hallways

Houses of Worship

Box cameras can provide static close-up shots of the lecturn

BZBGEAR Camera Solutions

The BZBGEAR BG-BFS is the ultimate bullet camera offering crisp imaging in a compact form, utilizing 3G-SDI for long runs of crystal clear 1080P 60fps video for up to 300ft. LAN connection provides H.264/H.265 encoding ensuring smooth video motion and transporting over RTSP/RTMP protocols to your favorite streaming platform.
The BG-Packshot is an exciting new 1080P HD camera offering from BZBGEAR. With its high-quality lens and fast auto-focus ability this camera excels at detailed close-up shots.
The Maestro auto tracking camera represents yet another breakthrough by the BZBGEAR engineering team. The High-Quality 4K Sony® CMOS optical lens delivers breathtaking clear imaging at 1080P. The simplified setup process makes it easy for anyone to configure and start the setup auto-tracking process in minutes.

Industry Leading Warranty and Support

BZBGEAR Pro AV products and Cameras come with a three-year warranty. An extended two-year warranty is available for our Cameras upon registration for a total of 5 years.

BZBGEAR provides technical support out of Sacramento, CA via phone, email, or chat. Our team provides exceptional assistance on all our products and is knowledgeable on a multitude of brands and models when it comes to compatibility. You will always reach a specialist tuned in to your needs, providing unique solutions for your installation.

Technical Support hours are Monday-Friday 7:00 am - 6:00 pm / Saturday-Sunday 10:00 am - 3:00 pm (Pacific Standard Time)

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The Best Auto-Tracking ePTZ Camera.
Traditional auto-tracking cameras need two cameras integrated within the same unit to function. They are typically PTZ cameras, or pan-tilt-zoom cameras, consisting of motors and other components to adjust the lens and camera positioning. Advanced firmware is also needed to communicate its control signals. This all adds cost and complexity, with a quality auto-tracking camera starting at $2,000. This alone places them out of reach for many users.

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Packshots Pack Quite a Punch for Your Advertising.
A packshot is a still image, moving image, or video of a product, typically including its label and packaging to portray its reputation in advertising or other media. Packshots stimulate sales by triggering consumer recognition of a product seen in a catalog or video commercial. Close-up visuals create intimate feelings, one so powerful as to elicit an impulse of must-have simply through pristine imagery.

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