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Box Cameras Explained

Trevon Martin • August 17, 2022

What is a box camera? A box camera is a stationary camera that can only catch footage of one subject or area of interest. It also only zooms in and out and doesn’t pan or tilt. Box cameras are available with multiple output configurations including SDI, HDMI, USB, and IP Streaming. These cameras have compact designs that allow greater freedom in camera placement. Generally, box cameras are simple and effective solutions for live streamers and artists.

Box Cameras for Livestreamers

Box cameras can be a very compatible solution for those who are looking to improve the quality of their livestreams, as well as simplify the process for themselves. With its compact form, a box camera can be strategically placed in tight spaces. Many livestream setups are busy and compact, making a box camera a perfect fit. Additionally, box cameras can be used to get secondary angles. With secondary angles, streamers can add variety and flexibility to their live streams. 

If you have a box camera such as our BG-PACKSHOT-C10X, you will be able to upload your stream to a variety of popular streaming platforms. This includes popular social media platforms and conferencing applications as well. With BZBGEAR box cameras, users are also able to control the zoom and focus functions on the box camera through a web interface.

Another key feature of the BG-PACKSHOT-C10X is, it supports simultaneous HDMI and USB 3.0 outputs. On top of that, this specific camera is integrated with two stereo microphones. Not all box cameras have these capabilities, but this is an example of the flexibility some box cameras may offer.

Box Cameras for Artists 

Similar to the live stream solution, artists will have an easy time implementing a box camera into their content shooting setups. An important aspect of box cameras for artists is using them to get a secondary angle. For example, if you are a painter filming a session, having one angle might not be the best option. You want to give viewers different perspectives without having to disrupt your process. Especially since artists such as painters cannot pause to change their camera angle since painting requires you to be more hands on. 

Box cameras such as the BG-PACKSHOT-C10X are also perfect for close up video shoots. Artists who are looking to get more up close and personal to really show off their work can benefit from this in particular. Plus, as mentioned before, with a box camera such as the PACKSHOT, users can livestream their video straight to a streaming platform.

Overall, box cameras are simple, effective and compact; making them the perfect solution for content creators on the go. To check out some of BZBGEAR’s box cameras, visit:

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