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CASE STUDY - Bellarmine College Preparatory

Bellarmine College Preparatory is a community of education and faith. Bellarmine is an all-male, private secondary school in San Jose, California. Established in 1851, it's the oldest secondary school in California and the second-oldest west of the Mississippi River. It was ranked #1 in 2020 by Niche as the Best All-Boys High School in the state. 

Case Study: BZBGEAR’S Live Streaming Solutions are focused on providing schools and universities with reliable and high-quality 1080P and 4K cameras as remote learning tools for guaranteeing students success. 

The Scenario: Concentrated on education and the overall well-being of their students' health, Bellarmine College took an aggressive approach to remote learning by providing for educating their students regardless of the Covid-19 Pandemic. 
The IT administrator for Bellarmine, Chris Carey, reached out to BZBGEAR’s Sales Team in search of a high-quality yet affordable PTZ camera design for classrooms. The University was seeking an affordable Auto-Tracking camera to track Professors' movements in the classes while simultaneously providing a dedicated 4K USB3.0 camera for the lessons on the Touchboard . Chris also requested that the professor possess the ability to switch between camera angles based on the moment of what needed to be viewed by the students.

Solution: BZBGEAR provided the means for a successful design for a Live Video Stream utilizing two high quality camera models. For Auto-Tracking, the IT Administrator installed the BG-LVUPTZ-12XHUS on the wall to track the professors while the BG-EPTZ-UH4K was mounted to the ceiling strictly for viewing the lessons on the Touchboard. Additionally, by installing a convenient 2-port AV Controller in the wall, the instructors could easily switch camera shots. The combination of these two cameras and wall controller created the perfect scenario for instruction, alleviating the need for the professors to stop in the middle of their lessons to control the movements of the PTZ cameras. Now, the professors are able to focus on what's important, the students' and the lessons at hand.

With Chris’s vast knowledge of Technology and LAN Networks as the IT Admin, combined with support from BZBGEAR’s Sales Design and Technical Support departments, classes were up and learning providing the means to continue students' educational programs during trying times during the Covid-19 Pandemic in 2020.

4K USB HDMI Webcam
The BG-LVUPTZ-HUS helps presenters create engaging video content as they move around a classroom, platform, or stage. This powerful PTZ camera captures details in crisp 1080p HD images. With set and forget programming, the BG-LVUPTZ-HUS lets presenters focus on what they do best without the worry of capturing the right camera angle.
12X Zoom Auto-Tracking Camera
The BG-EPTZ-UH4K is a powerful webcam in the hands of educators, students, remote employees, and other home broadcasters. This compact webcam offers users an extending degree of flexibility with simultaneous USB 3.0 and HDMI outputs while capturing images in up to 4k@30Hz resolution with 4x digital zoom.
AC-404-Z NP
Plug & Play Microphone
The AC-404-Z features three internal mic capsules, rugged all-metal body construction and a low-profile design, making it the perfect mic for Zoom Rooms, huddle rooms, and any other corporate communication settings.
Long Range USB2.0 Extender
The BG-USB-LR100 will extend your PC’s USB 2.0 port to the distances up to 100M (328 ft) with a data transfer rate up to 480 Mb/s via single category cable. Remote security keypads or web cameras, printers, or any other peripheral devices at the location further then 15ft USB cable limitation – this device will help in such applications.

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