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ActiCare Health’s clinical surveillance technology, supported by person-to-person connections, enables more effective health monitoring. We work with health systems, in particular transplant and VAD teams, to understand their clinical protocols, as well as the recovery and discharge milestones they set for their patients. We then incorporate these elements into our easy-to-implement monitoring platform to sustain and strengthen patient connections post-surgery, reinforce key clinical messages, and help care providers achieve their objectives while simultaneously reducing their administrative burden.

Case Study: Returning to in-person healthcare trade shows in 2022, ActiCare had grown its presence across the United States during Covid-19 lockdown. We needed to present our success and the number of enhancing features of our product to potential new clients as they toured the vendor exhibits, in a manner that would grab their attention. We were the only attendees with a large visual presentation thanks to BZBGEAR.

The Scenario: ActiCare reached out to BZBGEAR to explain our needs and our tight timeline. The BZBGEAR sales rep was well-versed in the BZBEAR product line and quickly identified what would be required to achieve our goal and verified that BZBEAR could meet our timeline and that there was a support team who could assist us with any installation and configuration questions. 

BZBGEAR was close to our headquarters giving them the ability to be onsite if required to assist ActiCare in setting up the equipment and troubleshooting technical issues. Being in the middle of a Covid-related logistic delay, BZBGEAR had the product in-house and ready to ship, unlike the competitors who were showing over a 30-day delay in shipping which would not meet our two-week timeline. 

Knowing we were on a tight timeline, if I did not answer my cell phone the tech support agent automatically called back every 15 min until I answered the call. I appreciated the urgency that BZBGEAR applied to our case. The sales rep had an outstanding follow-up no matter the method, phone, email, or text.  To sum it up, good pricing, quality product, and outstanding support.

Solution: On the trade show floor, ActiCare required a 4x4 Video wall with each quadrant using an NEC MultiSync 52” LCD Monitor. The sales department requested the ability to switch from a full-screen presentation to presenting our platform on the two monitors, while the presentation continued to run the presentation on the other two monitors. Also, the tablets presenting our platform had to connect wirelessly. This allowed the sales team to engage with new prospects in front of our booth without the limitation of a wired connection.   

With this in mind, we placed an order for the BZ-MVS4x4-4K Video Wall Processor & Seamless Matrix Switch and three BG-PS-BYOD-4K Multi-Format Presentation Switchers, for wireless connectivity of two tablets and a laptop. The monitors and BZBGEAR products would be housed in a Peerless 2x2 Smart Mount portable video wall cart.

Based on our configuration we could not get a feature working the way we wanted.  The Sales Rep created a 3-way call with support so we could describe our issue.  The tech support agent pulled the in-house gear and created an exact duplicate of our setup.  Working through how we wanted it configured he identified that we needed a firmware update to our video wall switch.  In addition, he was prepared to explain how we needed to configure the remote control so that the ActiCare Sales team could quickly switch between the full-screen presentation to the split-screen presentation.


Overall, BZBGEAR is a company that listens to and supports its customers, not only during the sales cycle but also ongoing. The same level of urgency has been consistent even seven months later.  

From the pricing of the like product, BZBGEAR switches offered far more features and capabilities that ActiCare could grow into, and at a significantly lower cost to entry.  The sales team knows the right questions to ask to ensure that you receive the product needed to complete the project.  The sales team’s follow-up with me was of the same high quality I experienced with technical support. The product is well-built and easily survived the set-up, tear-down, and shipping of five back-to-back trade shows with zero hardware failure. 

The BZBGEAR support team is the best and went beyond what any vendor I had worked with in the past had done. I do not expect this to happen every time but knowing that they will go to the extent of replicating my configuration speaks volumes about the level they will go to support their customer.

Model Description Image

4X4 4K 18Gbps UHD HDMI Video Wall Processor & Seamless Matrix Switcher with Scaler/IR/Audio/IP and RS-232

The BZ-MVS4x4-4K is a matrix video wall controller that seamlessly switches signals from any of the four HDMI sources to any of the four connected HDMI displays. The four outputs can be configured to create a variety of video wall displays such as a 2x2, 1x4, 1x2, 2x1, and 4x1 video wall. Ideal for integrators, professional broadcasters, restaurant owners, and home theater enthusiasts seeking to create high-end video walls, or control multiple video sources and displays with one device.

3-Port Multi-Format Presentation Switcher with HDMI, DisplayPort and USB-C

The BG-PS-BYOD-4K is a simple to connect 3X1 Multi-format Presentation Switcher transmitting AV signals from HDMI, Mini DP (DisplayPort) and USB type-C input to a single HDMI 2.0 output.

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