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CASE STUDY -  rhythmhoüz, inc

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Case Study:  rhythmhoüz, inc had an Audio / Video live production that Streamed globally (USA and Southeast Asia).

The Scenario: Our studio had defined parameters in length, width and height. We needed to use cameras that could zoom in tight on the performers while maintaining clarity, color and aspect ratio at any zoom position. As well, we needed cameras that allowed image settings to be set so all cameras would show at the same. We also needed NDI cameras to allow for easier cabling in accordance to the studio we built.

Our main goals were to provide exceptional quality to our viewers in 1080p while following standards for this streaming format. Also, to minimize the staff required to operate the recording equipment. 

We needed three PTZ cameras and two POV cameras. The two POV cameras were used as follows: one was set as a low angle, center stage view and the other was used as an overhead looking cross angle down at the drummer. The three PTZ cameras were positioned mid height, center stage (FOH); stage right (FOH); and stage left (FOH).

We also needed a controller for these cameras to assist in setting positions that were used in the software controller (made it a lot easier to set vs. using software).

Solution: The three PTZ cameras are NDI but the POV cameras aren’t—which posed a problem which we solved by running SDI to a capture card on our processing computer. We did find it difficult to exactly match the image setting output for the POVs to the PTZs and will be looking for a better solution.

Watch the performance here!


What made BZBGEAR stand out from other companies with similar products was the price point, availability, and support were clear before we purchased. Also, the glass used was better than the competitors in my opinion.

Working with the Technical Support team was amazing! Not only did they respond immediately to my request for assistance but had options ready to present to solve my issue. I was able to make an executive decision within minutes after I was contacted on the phone by them to solve the issue I was experiencing. It was certainly a nice change to talk with someone who had knowledge of the equipment we had purchased AND not asking questions from a script as many companies contract overseas support teams.

Overall, BZBGEAR’s quality of products is very good. The images you’ll receive are clear and focused while the cameras are responsive without shake. After having to contact their support team, they’ve won me as a client for all my future PTZ camera needs.

Model Description Image


1080P FHD 20X/30X HDMI/3G-SDI/NDI|HX/RS232/485/POE Live Streaming PTZ Camera with POE

Featuring a 1/2.8” HD CMOS sensor, the BG-ND-XHSRP produces vibrant images at resolutions up to 1080p@60Hz. This camera features simultaneous NDI|HX, 3G-SDI, and HDMI outputs. NDI Technology provides the winning combination of user-friendliness, high quality video, and maximum compatibility with other devices and software platforms. Lens options include 20X and 30X optical zoom levels.


1080P Full HD 20X/30X Zoom HDMI/SDI/IP Camera with Audio Input

The BG-B20SHA/BG-B30SHA 20X/30X optical zoom IP-streaming camera utilizes a high-quality CMOS sensor to deliver crisp HD video signals. The BG-BSHA series features simultaneous 3G-SDI, HDMI, and IP streaming outputs. By utilizing the 3.5mm audio input, audio can be embedded into your livestreams and recordings with ease.


Universal Serial and IP Joystick Controller (IP/RS232/422)

The BG-CJ-IPRSG2 is an easy to use joystick controller for one or more PTZ cameras. Power over Ethernet (POE) functionality allows users to provide both power and control signals over a single cable. PTZ controls available on the BG-CJ-IPRSG2 include a speed adjustment knob, automatic white balance, red and blue gain, iris control, and manual focus. Any compatible camera can be controlled with ease via the joystick. The controller features both serial and IP control modes Supported protocols include IP VISCA, ONVIF, VISCA, and PELCO P/D.

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