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What is 8K?

Trevon Martin • September 24, 2022

Today, boasting a 4K resolution is quite common, but imagine having an image that’s 4 times sharper than 4K. Well, we no longer have to daydream about such a thing because it already exists with 8K resolution. 8K displays have a resolution of 7680 × 4320 (8K4K), while 4K displays sport a 3840 x 2160 (4K2K) resolution. An 8K resolution enables lifelike images, which is perfect for those looking to impress with their displays. 

What does an 8K image look like?

As mentioned above, an 8K resolution image is going to look more lifelike to the human eye. This includes a significantly enhanced display of color and sharpness of details. For example, take a look at this short video by Samsung which gives an example of what that could look like:

What’s the downside of 8K?

A downside to 8K is the amount of bandwidth it will require. 8K possesses four times as many pixels than 4K, each of which may have more information than pixels of lower resolutions typically do. This means that an 8K resolution video takes up a lot of bandwidth. This can be an issue if you do not have the proper equipment or cabling to transmit your 8K signal. 

Additionally, in order to transmit 8K from one device to another, the user would need (at least) HDMI 2.1 to do so efficiently. Why would HDMI 2.1 be required? HDMI 2.1 can handle uncompressed, high quality 8K video data at up to 60 frames per second. HDMI 2.1 is also capable of 4K@120. Using HDMI 2.0 would require 8K to be compressed, due to the limitations of HDMI 2.0. Compressing the 8K video data may affect the 8K image quality. This can be a downside of 8K because you may have to purchase new cables if you want the full, uncompressed experience of an 8K resolution.

Will BZBGEAR have products that support 8K?

Yes! BZBGEAR will soon have switchers and splitters that support 8K. Our 8K signal splitter will be able to split a single 8K signal to multiple displays that also support an 8K resolution. A BZBGEAR 8K switcher will enable users to switch between multiple 8K sources and 8K displays. 

Overall, 8K has already been implemented in a variety of devices. It’s only a matter of time before 8K becomes the standard resolution for displays. BZBGEAR aims to stay ahead of the technological trends; so we are ready to implement devices that support 8K into our catalog. For more information about BZBGEAR, visit:

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