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HDBaseT Spec 3.0: Innovating Connectivity

Trevon Martin • August 12, 2022

HDBaseT is the professional AV industry’s leading long-range multimedia distribution technology, enabling the extension of signal up to 100m/328ft. over a standard Category cable. The latest innovation in HDBaseT technology is the spec 3.0 standard. HDBaseT spec 3.0 enables long-distance signal distribution and convergence of a ultra high speed, uncompressed audio and video signal. Spec 3.0 also enables the convergence of 1Gb ethernet, USB 2.0, controls and power, with near zero latency. 

Some of the key features of this standard are: 

  • - HDMI 2.0 4K@60 4:4:4 for up to 100m/328ft over a category cable, supporting all resolutions up to 594MHz
  • - Support for HDCP2.x and 1.x authentication and encryption
  • - Native support for 4K@60 Dolby Vision
  • - 1Gb Ethernet
  • - Audio –  I²S-4
  • - High-speed USB 2.0
  • - Power up to 100W

HDMI 2.0 over a category Cable

HDMI 2.0 provides more 4K support and a higher frame rate potential than standard HDMI. This allows users to send 4K@60Hz 4:4:4 over a 100m/328ft. Category cable. With this, all resolutions up to 594 MHz are supported. 

HDCP 2.x and 1.x 

HDCP stands for high definition content protection. HDCP 2.x and 1.x provide protection for the users content with encryption and authentication. This basically adds a layer of security and protection for the user's content.

4K@60 Dolby Vision

Dolby Vision is a set of technologies developed by Dolby Laboratories for high dynamic range video. Dolby Vision technology is capable of content creation, distribution, and playback. HDBaseT has native support for 4K@60 with Dolby Vision tech.

1Gb Ethernet 

The 1Gb of ethernet transfers data packets at 1 Gb per second. Gigabit ethernet is suitable for applications that require a very high speed connection. This ensures that users will experience high internet and LAN speeds.

Audio - I²S-4

Simply put, I²S-4 is used for connecting digital audio devices together. The protocol allows digital audio devices to communicate with each other. Better communication means better synchronization.

 High Speed USB 2.0

The USB 2.0 runs at a speed of 480mbps which is a lot faster than standard USB speeds. This ensures quality speed and low latency. 

Power up to 100W

The HDBaseT standard supports up to 100W of power over a 100m/328ft. Category cable. This makes cable connectivity simple for users.


Overall, HDBaseT in continuing to innovate as the leading one-cable connectivity standard. Here at BZBGEAR, we are excited to see what HDBaseT does next. For more information on HDBaseT, visit:

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