HDMI Splitters

From One to Many
BZBGEAR HDMI signal splitters are designed to share a single HDMI source to multiple displays. They are perfectly suited for applications like sports bars or auditoriums, removing the need for multiple source devices, simplifying installation and adding reliability to a system.
Centralize your Wiring
The inclusion of an HDMI splitter in your system design creates a single point of connection for all of your displays, easing troubleshooting and eliminating the messy wiring and clutter that multiple source devices can create.
Add Flexibility to your Design
BZBGEAR HDMI splitters are designed to provide added flexibility to your A/V system. Features like secondary inputs and audio de-embedding allow additional sources or external audio systems to be added without replacing your core components.
How do HDMI splitters work?
HDMI splitters split an HDMI source into multiple HDMI outputs. Plug your desired HDMI input into your HDMI splitter then connect your other HDMI cables to the HDMI splitter to use as outputs for your desired HDMI input source.
Do HDMI splitters reduce quality?
No, HDMI splitters just copy the digital signal so the quality should not get reduced automatically. If you are using lower quality hardware to split your signal, you can experience a low quality. You may also experience a lower quality if you are using a non-powered HDMI splitter or extending your HDMI signal over a very long cable. HDMI cables tend to have signal interruptions when extended over 50ft. Other than those exceptions, you should not experience reduced quality when using a high quality HDMI splitter.
The BZBGEAR Difference
There is a reason our customers return to us time and again for advice, add-ons, and system expansion. Our belief in our products is demonstrated in our 3-year A/V Equipment and 5-year Camera Warranties, and our pride in customer service is backed by a team of highly trained sales and technical support engineers. Our ever-expanding Knowledge Base features step by step guides for setup and integration, and our YouTube channel features in depth dives into the setup, configuration, and features of our diverse family of products.
Large Scale Splitters
Share an HDMI source with up to 24 displays
Resolutions up to [email protected] supported
HDMI 2.0a compliant, HDCP 2.2 compliant
The BG-UHD-DA2X8 features on/off controls for connected displays
Advanced EDID Management
Compatible models offer EDID management for increased reliability
Analog Audio Extraction
Compatible models feature analog audio outputs
Digital Audio Extraction
Compatible models feature TOSLINK outputs
3 Year Warranty
Parts & Labor covered for 3 years
HDMI Switcher vs HDMI Splitter - Which One Should I Use?
Split A Single HDMI Output Into Up To 8 Outputs | BG-HDA Series Overview
4K HDMI Splitter Auto Downscales to 1080p | BG-UHD-DA2x8
Once again, we call on 'The Fox' to show us how simple it is to connect another amazing product from the BZBGEAR catalogue, the BG-UHD-DA2X8, a 2X8 4K HDMI 2.0 Splitter. This device supports resolutions up to [email protected] (4:4:4) and can distribute either of two HDMI inputs to eight HDMI outputs. The auto downscaling function enables a 4K signal to automatically scale down for use with 1080P displays. This HDCP 2.2 compliant unit comes equipped with a customizable 4-pin EDID dip switch to eliminate any HDMI compatibility or connection issues.

HDMI splitters are commonly found in sports bars, houses of worship, and locations that present the need to show the same content simultaneously on multiple screens.

EDID (Extended Display Identification) is a form of metadata carried on HDMI connections. This data allows devices to negotiate the optimal settings to present a stable connection. EDID can become problematic when connecting multiple displays to a single source, causing flickering or blank screens. EDID management overcomes these issues resulting in clear and stable video connections.

Yes, certain models of HDMI splitters are equipped with audio extraction which allow the audio signal to be re-routed to an audio system while the video signal is transmitted to the displays.

HDMI splitters are simple devices allowing one HDMI source to be shared with multiple HDMI displays. Also known as distribution amplifiers, they commonly come in 2, 4, and 8 output sizes. Typically employed in commercial, industrial, and digital signage applications where information from one source needs to be shared across a large area requiring multiple displays. Their low cost and simplicity make them a popular choice versus a multiple-source solution.

HDMI Splitters are an ideal fit for:

Digital Signage

Display advertisements across multiple monitors


Display critical information or team goals throughout a workspace

Bars & Restaurants

Display sports or other content to multiple TV’s
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