USB PTZ cameras

USB PTZ cameras

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Universal Serial Bus (USB) is a high bandwidth manageable connection equipped on all modern computers as a universal standard for many connecting devices like printers/scanners, keyboards, mice, and speakers. BZBGEAR Webcams are armed with either a USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 connection supportive of video, audio, and UVC control as applicable. Depending on your requirements, you will need to understand the difference in the connection types as explained below.

While USB 2.0 is an older type of USB connection (White Connector) providing data transfer rates up to 480 Mbps supporting resolutions up to 1080p, USB 3.0 (Blue Connector) takes data speeds to a whole new level for the ultimate in high-quality video performance. USB 3.0 provides data transfer rates up to 10,000 Mbps—about 10x faster than USB 2.0 rates—making it a better choice for most PTZ Live Streaming Cameras. However, USB 2.0 will suffice for a basic Webcam that does not require the additional bandwidth.

BZBGEAR USB cameras are the premier choice when you need a straightforward camera connection compatible with a wide variety of video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Skype, and Google Meet. USB connections will also work with live streaming software programs like OBS Studio, vMix, Wirecast, and XSplit.

There are two styles of USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 connectors depending on the BZBGEAR camera model: USB Type-A or USB Type-B. Make sure the cable selected has the proper style connections, typically Type-A to Type-A or Type-A to Type-B. The computer side will always be Type-A.

BZBGEAR Camera Solutions

The BZBGEAR BG-UPTZ series cameras are truly universal and cover almost any possible application you can imagine. High grade lenses give you pristine image quality. Exceptional mechanical craftsmanship and high-grade components result in responsive and quiet operation. The latest compression algorithms and diverse array of video outputs give you the ability to use these cameras with nearly any setup. From video conferencing and tele-education, to broadcasting events and streaming to multiple online platforms – you can do it all with BZBGEAR BG-UPTZ cameras.


BZBGEAR® Advances Software-Driven IP Workflows with NDI®
Fusing technological solutions, BZBGEAR and NDI transcend the boundaries of live streaming and broadcasting. April 29, 2021 – BZBGEAR, an audiovisual company producing Pro AV and live streaming camera solutions, announces support for software-driven IP workflows using NDI. They join the industry's largest IP ecosystem of products enabling IP-based workflows. BZBGEAR fuses NDI into three PTZ camera lines: BG-4KND-12XUHP, BG-UPTZ-ND series, and BG-ND-XHSRP series. These cameras will be identifiable as a source by other NDI-enabled products connected to a standard local network.

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BZBGEAR Provides Distance Learning Solution.
The challenges of distance learning are creating pressures for universities and schools everywhere. As stay-at-home protocols continue for many, is our educational system prepared for an extended period of distance learning? How can students and teachers succeed without fear of exposure during a pandemic? Fortunately, schools already have a system established utilizing IP or RS232. The main solution to replacing in-person interactions is utilizing a high-quality camera.

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BZBGEAR Provides Distance Learning Solution
Just about all tech today offer hands-free capabilities. And Full HD PTZ cameras are no exception. Introducing the BZBGEAR® LVUPTZ series of auto-tracking PTZ cameras: one an HDMI version and the other an SDI version. Eliminating the need for a camera operator, the LVUPTZ series automatically pans, tilts, and zooms, following its subject as he or she moves across the camera’s field of view. It is literally a set-and-forget PTZ camera system!

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