Long-Range HDMI Splitters

Long-Range HDMI Splitters

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From One to Many
BZBGEAR HDBaseT HDMI splitters are designed to share a single HDMI source to multiple distant displays. They are perfectly suited for applications like sports bars or auditoriums where removing the need for multiple source devices simplifies installation and adds reliability to a system. BZBGEAR has one of the best long distance HDMI splitters on the market!
Centralize your Wiring
The inclusion of a long-distance HDMI splitter in your system design creates a single point of connection for all of your displays, easing troubleshooting and eliminating the messy wiring and clutter that multiple source devices can create.
Go the Distance
BZBGEAR long-distance HDMI splitters come bundled with HDMI extenders, allowing you to send video signals well beyond the 50-foot distance limitation of standard HDMI cables. HDBaseT provides a reliable long distance alternative utilizing low-cost category cabling, enabling transmission distances up to 120 meters (394 feet) at 4K resolution. Nothing beats 4K HDMI splitters that can reach long distances!
How to use a HDMI splitter?
BZBGEAR provides a manual for all products that we sell. When you select your product, scroll to the bottom of the page and download the manual. In our manual, you will also find a HDMI splitter connection diagram.
The BZBGEAR Difference
There is a reason our customers return to us time and again for advice, add-ons, and system expansion. Our belief in our products is demonstrated in our 3-year A/V Equipment and 5-year Camera Warranties, and our pride in customer service is backed by a team of highly trained sales and technical support engineers. Our ever-expanding Knowledge Base features step by step guides for setup and integration, and our YouTube channel features in depth dives into the setup, configuration, and features of our diverse family of products.
HDMI Splitter
Share an HDMI source with up to 8 displays
Resolutions up to [email protected] supported
HDMI 2.0a compliant, HDCP 2.2 compliant
Our long-range splitters utilize the industry standard for maximum performance
Transmit HDMI at distances up to 120/150 meters (4K/1080P)
Audio Extraction
Supporting models feature analog audio outputs
IR Pass-Through
All units equipped with bi-directional IR passthrough
3 Year Warranty
Parts & Labor covered for 3 years
One Source to Many Displays with A Long-range 4K HDMI Splitter
Amplify Any Atmosphere with a [email protected] Long Range HDMI HDBaseT Splitter Kit
The BG-UDA-E18 and BG-UDA-E14 are multiple port HDMI HDBaseT splitter/extender kits. They feature a single HDMI input which is split to 4 (BG-UDA-E14) or 8 (BG-UDA-E18) RJ45 HDBaseT outputs that are capable of extending the HDMI signal up to 120 meters at [email protected] or 150 meters at [email protected] Lobbies, warehouses, offices, and sports bars are just a handful of the many situations this kit is perfect for.
Split up to 8 BZBGEAR Super Long-range 4K HDMI Splitters Comparison
Nathan J. Fox connects BZBGEAR's newest long range #4KHDMISplitters and compares their features. He covers budget, distance, resolution, audio options / formats, weather / low power protection, power, and install.

Long-Range HDMI splitters provide a centralized hub for sharing an HDMI signal to multiple displays. They allow any connected source device to be routed to up to 8 remotely connected display device. Long range splitters feature UTP outputs for connecting ethernet cable and extending the signal to a receiver up to 100 meters distant.

HDBaseT is an industry standard. When a product has the HDBaseT rating you can buy with confidence knowing that it adheres to performance and reliability standards.

One of the highlights of the HDBaseT protocol is visually lossless compression. This means there is no discernable difference between uncompressed content and the output of the HDBaseT receiver.

Long-range HDMI splitters are devices that support one HDMI source to be shared over CAT6 cabling up to 450ft in distance connecting to multiple remote displays. There are many environments such as airports or malls where splitting a single signal is the only requirement. HDBaseT HDMI splitters are typically used in the commercial world of digital signage strictly for advertising or entertainment purposes. Occasionally they are used in the residential world to help save money when it is acceptable to mirror or duplicate say the kitchen TV to the outside Cabana or patio as they do not conflict with one another.

BZBGEAR long-range HDMI splitters come with the receivers needed to connect to each output display via Cat cables. They distribute a signal to your displays for a fraction of the cost versus using standard HDMI cabling. Cat cables are cheaper, easier to install, and carry signals further than is possible with HDMI.

Distribution Long-Range Splitters are an ideal fit for:

Digital Signage

Display advertisements across multiple monitors


Display critical information or team goals throughout a workspace

Bars & Restaurants

Display sports or other content to multiple TV’s
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