Long-Range HDMI Splitters

Long-Range HDMI Splitters

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Long-range HDMI splitters are devices that support one HDMI source to be shared over CAT6 cabling up to 450ft in distance connecting to multiple remote displays. There are many environments such as airports or malls where splitting a single signal is the only requirement. HDBaseT HDMI splitters are typically used in the commercial world of digital signage strictly for advertising or entertainment purposes. Occasionally they are used in the residential world to help save money when it is acceptable to mirror or duplicate say the kitchen TV to the outside Cabana or patio as they do not conflict with one another.

BZBGEAR long-range HDMI splitters come with the receivers needed to connect to each output display via Cat cables. They distribute a signal to your displays for a fraction of the cost versus using standard HDMI cabling. Cat cables are cheaper, easier to install, and carry signals further than is possible with HDMI.

Distribution Long-Range Splitters are an ideal fit for:

Digital Signage

Display advertisements across multiple monitors


Display critical information or team goals throughout a workspace

Bars & Restaurants

Display sports or other content to multiple TV’s

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