1080P FHD AUTO TRACKING HDMI/3G-SDI/USB 2.0/USB 3.0/NDI|HX Live Streaming PTZ Camera with Tally Lights

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The Next Generation of Full HD PTZ Cameras

Brilliantly designed with exclusive features and a unique form factor,
the BG-ADAMO is unrivaled in its class on the live stream broadcasting market.


The BG-ADAMO-JRND is a brand-new Full HD NDI|HX3 certified PTZ camera with 3 types of lenses available: 12X optical zoom with 70.3 FOV, 20X optical zoom with 60.04 FOV, and 30X optical zoom with 58.1 FOV. It features smooth PTZ functions, advanced image processing features and flexible connection options. Advanced Visual Performance: With the high quality 1/2.8-inch SONY CMOS image sensor, the resolution of this camera can get up to 1080@60fps. Additionally, the low noise 1/2.8-inch SONY CMOS guarantees high SNR and the advanced 3D noise reduction technology further reduces the noise while ensuring pristine image clarity. The advanced ISP processing technology and algorithms also allow the camera to deliver true-to-life image quality for the most natural and accurate viewing experiences.


Optical Zoom

 The BG-ADAMO-JRND offers three different optical zoom lenses that users can choose from: 12X optical zoom with 70.3 viewing angle, 20X optical zoom with 60.04 viewing angle and 30X optical zoom with 58.1 viewing angle.

Flexible Connections

The BG-ADAMO-JRND supports HDMI, SDI, USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and LAN connections. It also supports IP streaming, offering flexible workflow options for users.

Smooth Video and Audio Processing:

 The BG-ADAMO-JRND offers a smooth and impressively clear viewing experience. It uses advanced video and audio compression techniques to ensure the best quality content. Additionally, advanced auto focus technology allows the camera to autofocus stably, swiftly, and precisely.


Network Device Interface (NDI) is a high performance AV over IP standard that allows anyone to use real time, ultra low latency video on existing IP video networks. The NDI open protocol enables professionals to share video through a local area network (LAN) with video-compatible devices. With a single ethernet cable connection, professionals can merge all stages of production from start to finish. That way, all production tasks and processes will be united, so accomplishing a creative vision will be simple. With the NDI 5.5 tool-kit, users will also be able to connect any audio device as an NDI source with NDI’s Audio Direct tool. This adds audio over IP to NDI’s revolution.


NDI|HX3 is an updated version of the HX2 standard. The difference is, HX3 provides a better image quality and lower latency than HX2. NDI|HX3 also uses slightly more bandwidth than NDI|HX2, but the increase in bandwidth is not significant enough to be an issue. There are a limited amount of NDI|HX3 compliant devices due to a hardware limitation most NDI|HX2 compliant devices have. Overall, NDI|HX3 is the latest update to the standard and offers the best features. Learn more about NDI technology

NDI Toolkit

The NDI toolkit provides a collection of tools and plugins for NDI (Network Device Interface) video and audio streams. It includes tools for monitoring and displaying NDI video sources, sending test patterns for connectivity and calibration, analyzing network performance, routing NDI sources, integrating audio through plugins, facilitating secure remote connections, extending NDI streams beyond local networks, and offering a comprehensive suite for setup, testing, and management of NDI streams in diverse workflows.

Learn more about NDI technology

Auto-Tracking Capabilities

The auto-tracking technology uses the latest human detection AI algorithms to exhibit unparalleled tracking speed and accuracy. This monocular tracking method uses only one camera and one lens to easily detect and capture human forms and moving objects in seconds.

The auto tracking is presented in two modes: Presenter Tracking and Zone Tracking. Presenter Tracking tracks its target everywhere without the need to wear any receiving devices. It has strong locking and anti-interference capabilities giving presenters the flexibility to leave the stage and interact with the audience while continuously being tracked. Zone Tracking can be set to track a specific area providing a clear, smooth representation of what's being shown behind the presenter such as a whiteboard.

Extensive Control Options

RS Communication Protocols: The BG-ADAMO-JR supports RS422 (compatible with RS485) output and RS232 input/output. RS232 supports cascading, making it easy for engineers to operate.

Control Protocols: Support for multiple control protocols include VISCA, PELCO-D, PELCO-P, and auto identification protocol.

Network Protocols: Support for multiple network protocols include ONVIF, GB/T28181, RTSP, RTMP protocols, and supports push mode in RTMP to easily link with streaming media servers. Plus, it supports RTP multicast mode and network full command VISCA control protocols.

Additionally, this full HD PTZ camera will enable users to set up to 255 presets (10 can be set via remote control).

BZBGEAR Camera Control Software: BZBGEAR offers a free control software available for Windows, Mac, and iOS.

The BG-CONTROL app provides precise manipulation of pan, tilt, zoom, and focus for BZBGEAR PTZ cameras. It features full-screen image previews on iOS devices, image parameter adjustments, and easy preset management for up to 8 cameras. The app also includes customizable camera names, adjustable PTZ speed, and efficient multi-camera preset storage.

Innovative Design

Available in either classic white or black finishes, the chassis of the BG-ADAMO is designed to be as functional and attractive as its formidable feature set. The high-stability substructure provides a solid foundation for the precision lens delivering full HD resolution video at 60fps. Eliminating the need for bulky external accessories, the control arms feature distinctive built-in tally lights that illuminate either green or red with 360-degree visibility.


BZBGEAR has a number of award winning products from past tradeshow events. These award winning products were nominated and judged against other nominees. See what makes our award winning products so extraordinary!


  • 1080p
    Output up to 1080p@60Hz resolution
  • Tally Lights
    Integrated red/green LED tally lights
  • MicroSD
    Record and store up to 1 TB
  • NDI|HX3
    Compatible with NDI® 5.5 from NewTek
  • Multiple Video Outputs
    Choose from SDI, HDMI, USB 3.0, USB 2.0, or IP Streaming
  • PoE
    Data, power, and control over a single category cable (PoE+ Recommended)
  • Available in white or black
  • Multiple forms of control including RS232, RS422, Web GUI, Control App, or IR Remote
  • Stream to your choice of platform directly from the camera, no capture card needed

Easy-to-See Tally-Lights

Stay in control at all times with vibrant red and green lights. Green signals readiness, while red indicates active recording or streaming. Enjoy the convenience of automatic detection or take charge with manual control!

Powerful 10X/20X/30X Optical Zoom

Capture stunning close-up shots with our 10X/20X/30X optical zoom lens. Precision control over zoom speeds and focus settings ensures clean and clear imagery for your content.


Multiple Video Output Options

Experience flexibility with simultaneous video output options – HDMI, 3G SDI, USB 2.0, and 3.0. Choose the connectivity that suits your needs and elevate your production quality.

NDI|HX3 Technology

NDI|HX3 technology revolutionizes media production by enabling high-quality video transmission with minimal bandwidth and latency.


Record and Store 1080P Videos Effortlessly

With a micro SD slot, the BG-ADAMO-JR allows you to record and store up to 1TB of 1080P video content on the go. Never miss a moment with this convenient feature.


Everything You Need To Live Stream - BZBGEAR Broadcast Solutions
Everything You Need To Live Stream - BZBGEAR Broadcast Solutions
Precision in Every Pixel: The BG-ADAMO-JRND PTZ Camera for Seamless Broadcasting
Precision in Every Pixel: The BG-ADAMO-JRND PTZ Camera for Seamless Broadcasting
The Full BG-ADAMO PTZ Camera Lineup From BZBGEAR at IBC 2023
The Full BG-ADAMO PTZ Camera Lineup From BZBGEAR at IBC 2023
The Brand New Trend Setting ADAMO-JR is an Award Winning PTZ Camera! | ISE 2023
The Brand New Trend Setting ADAMO-JR is an Award Winning PTZ Camera! | ISE 2023
ADAMO JR Brand New 1080p Auto Tracking PTZ Option From BZBGEAR! | ISE 2023
ADAMO JR Brand New 1080p Auto Tracking PTZ Option From BZBGEAR! | ISE 2023
ISE 2023: BZBGEAR Unveils BG-ADAMO-JR 1080p@60Hz Live-Streaming PTZ Camera for Broadcast
ISE 2023: BZBGEAR Unveils BG-ADAMO-JR 1080p@60Hz Live-Streaming PTZ Camera for Broadcast

Mounting Ideas

Click the image below to watch a video

Tech Specifications

Optical zoom 12X 20X 30X
Focus Range f=4.1 mm ~ 49.2 mm ±5% f=5.05 mm ~ 91.49 mm ±5% f=5.2 mm ~ 148.4 mm ±5%
FOV Horizontal (H): 6.57°(tele) ~ 70.28°(wide)
Vertical (V): 3.76°(tele) ~ 42.06°(wide)
Horizontal (H): 3.45°(tele) ~ 60.04°(wide)
Vertical (V): 1.97°(tele) ~ 35.31°(wide)
Horizontal (H): 2.14°(tele) ~ 58.1°(wide)
Vertical (V): 1.2°(tele) ~ 33.8°(wide)
Iris Value F1.8 ~ F2.68±5% F1.8 ~ F2.9±5% F1.3 ~ F4.8±5%
Image Sensor 1/2.8 inch SONY CMOS sensor 1/2.8 inch SONY CMOS sensor 1/2.8 inch SONY CMOS sensor
Effective Pixels 2.07 Megapixels 16:9
Video Signal HDMI:
1080P60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25/24/23.98; 1080I60/50/59.94; 720P60/50/59.94;
1080P60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25/24/23.98; 1080I60/50/59.94; 720P60/50/59.94
USB 2.0:
MJPG: 1920*1080 /1280*720 /1024*768 /1024*576 /800*600 /720*576 /720*480 /704*576 /640*480 /640*360 /352*288 /320*240P30;
H264: 1920*1080 /1280*720 /1024*768 /1024*576 /800*600 /720*576 /720*480 /704*576 /640*480 /640*360 /352*288 /320*240P30;
YUY2: 800*448 /720*480P25; 640*360 /432*240P30
NV12: 800*448P25; 640*480 /640*360 /432*240P30
USB 3.0:
YUY2: 1920*1080P30/25; 1280*720P60/50/30/25; 960*540 /800*600P30; 720*576P50; 720*480P60; 640*480P30;
Minimum Illumination 0.5Lux (F1.8, AGC ON)
White Balance Auto / Manual / One-Push / Specified Color Temperature
Focus Mode Auto / Manual / One-Push
Exposure Mode Auto / Manual / Shutter Priority / Iris Priority / Brightness Priority
Iris Value F1.8 ~ F11, CLOSE
Shutter Speed 1/25 ~ 1/10000
BLC On/Off
Dynamic Range Off / Dynamic Level Adjustment
Video Adjustment Brightness, Hue, Saturation, Contrast, Sharpness, W/B Mode
SNR ≥50dB
Interface Parameters
Interface HDMI, SDI, LAN-ND|HX (supports PoE+), USB 2.0, A-IN, USB 3.0, Micro SD, RS232-IN, RS232-OUT, RS422 (Compatible with RS485), DC12V Power Supply, Power Switch
Video Compression Format LAN-ND|HX: H.264, H.265
USB 2.0: MJPG, H264, H265, YUY2, NV12
USB 3.0: YUY2
Audio Input Dual channel 3.5mm line input
Audio Output HDMI, 3G-SDI, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, LAN-ND|HX
Audio Compression Format AAC
Network Interface 10M/100M/1000M adaptive Ethernet port, PoE Plus power supply, audio and video output
Network Protocols RTSP, RTMP, RTMPS, ONVIF, GB/T28181; support network VISCA control protocol
Control Interface 5 pin Phoenix terminal (compatible with RS232 andRS485), LAN-ND|HX
Serial Communication Port VISCA/Pelco-D/Pelco-P; Baud Rate: 115200/38400/9600/4800/2400
USB Communication Protocol UVC (Video Communication Protocols)
Power Supply HEC3800 Power Outlet (DC12V), PoE+
Power Adapter Input: AC110V-AC220V; Output: DC12V/1.5A
Input Voltage DC12V±10%
Input Current <1.5A
Power Consumption <12W
PTZ Parameters
Pan -170° ~ +170°
Tilt -30° ~ +90°
Pan Speed 1.4°/s ~ 100°/s
Tilt Speed 2.9°/s ~ 30°/s
Preset Speed Pan (H): 78.8°/s, Tilt (V): 31.7°/s
Preset Quantity 255 presets via Web GUI (10 presets using remote control)
Other Parameters
Stored Temperature 14°F ~ 140°F / -10°C ~ +60°C
Storage Humidity 20% ~ 95%
Working Temperature 14°F ~ 122°F / -10°C ~ +50°C
Working Humidity 20% ~ 80%
Dimension (L x W x H) 7.88" x 6.13" x 5.2" [200.2mm x 155.7mm x 132.1mm]
Weight 3.5 lbs [1.59kg]
Working Environment Indoor Only


  • 1 x BG-ADAMO-JRND Camera
  • 1 x Power Adapter
  • 1 x RS232 Control Cable
  • 1 x USB 2.0 Cable
  • 1 x USB 3.0 Cable
  • 1 x Remote Control
  • 1 x Manual


  1. USB 3.0: Connect USB 3.0 type B cable to a PC for plug & play connectivity for any conferencing service like Skype or Zoom, supporting resolution up to 1080p@60Hz.
  2. USB 2.0: Connect USB 2.0 type A cable to a PC for plug & play connectivity for any conferencing service like Skype or Zoom, supporting resolution up to 1080p@60Hz.
  3. 3G-SDI: Connect to an SDI device up to 330ft such as a video production switcher or a video display at resolutions up to 3G (1080p@60Hz) over SDI cabling.
  4. HDMI: Connect to an HDMI device such as a video production switcher or a video display up to 1080p@60Hz.
  5. MicroSD: Record up to 1 TB.
  6. Audio In: Connect external audio sources such as a microphone or small audio mixer to embed the sound into all video output interfaces.
  7. RS-232, RS-485: Connect cascading RS-232 or RS-485 to control the camera(s) with a joystick controller or control software.
  8. LAN-ND|HX: Connect to a network switch via category cable to supply power (PoE), control (TCP/IP or webGUI) and stream (NDI|HX).
  9. Power: Connect supplied 12V power adapter.