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BG-CYCLOPS-4K: The Next Generation of Videobars

Trevon Martin • September 19, 2022

When you hear the name cyclops, you probably think of a giant one-eyed creature. Fortunately, BZBGEAR does not have any of those in stock. The BG-CYCLOPS-4K is a 4K videobar conference camera that is full of top-tier features. This videobar is capable of auto-tracking and auto-framing, making it one of the best conference camera solutions on the market today. Don’t want to spend extra money on conference audio? The BG-CYCLOPS-4K is equipped with 6 microphones, capable of tracking the current speaker in your meeting room in real time, up to 6 meters (19 Ft.) of distance. Furthermore, this videobar comes with an automatic privacy cover, wide angle lens and is compatible with most major conferencing applications.

What is auto-framing?

Auto-framing is a method used to keep the primary subject(s) of a video in focus and centered in the shot. This videobar is equipped with a face detection algorithm that automatically detects participants to provide the optimal shot. This auto-framing capability will allow a stress free video conference, so you can focus on what’s important. 

How does the automatic privacy cover work?

The camera lens cover automatically closes when there is no output stream detected. Once you end the call and stop recording, your privacy cover will automatically cover the lens. We understand how important privacy is for businesses in this current age of technology and information. 

Is this videobar bluetooth compatible?

Short answer, yes! The BG-CYCLOPS-4K videobar is bluetooth enabled and can be used as a Bluetooth speaker and microphone. This feature is in addition to the videobar’s built-in dual 10W studio speaker which ensures every participant can hear and be heard clearly. Also, the sophisticated 6 MEMS microphone array features voice localization. What is voice localization? Voice localization allows the videobar to detect the location of a sound. In this case, whoever is speaking during the conference meeting will be heard very clearly. 

Can I mount this camera?

Yes, you can mount the BG-CYCLOPS-4K videobar. When you purchase this videobar, it also comes with brackets for desktop or wall mounting. With its sleek and professional looking form, it will look great wherever you decide to mount it. 

How good is the image for this videobar?

Great question! With a powerful 4K UHD (Ultra High Definition) camera and high-end 0.8M CMOS sensor, the BG-Cyclops-4K captures impressively clear images. Furthermore, the distortion-less 120° wide angle lens automatically tailors the image size based on the number of participants in the frame. This eliminates the need for manual adjustment of the camera before each meeting. 

Overall, the BG-CYCLOPS-4K videobar is a powerhouse! Videobars are currently one of the best conference room solutions you can implement. The BG-CYCLOPS-4K videobar is currently one of the best videobars on the market! To learn more about the BG-CYCLOPS-4K, visit:

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