KVM/USB Extenders over CAT

KVM/USB Extenders over CAT

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A keyboard-video-mouse (KVM) extender is a device used to extend control of computers and USB peripherals to a separate location. While not typically used in residential settings, they are often employed for commercial and industrial applications where a user needs to operate a computer located in a different part of the building. BZBGEAR KVM extenders are designed to use a low-cost category cable covering distances up to 100 meters.

USB extenders are great for common issues regarding USB cable length. That perfect spot for your printer might just be too far away for a USB cable’s reach. Maybe your computer monitor is in a remote location and you need a way for your keyboard and mouse to reach. Both these problems are the perfect scenario for a USB extender. Free your cabling restrictions by creating an aesthetically pleasing space with BZBGEAR USB extenders.

BZBGEAR Solutions

One of our highly coveted devices, the BG-EXHKVM-70C HDMI extender can transmit an uncompressed [email protected] HDMI signal with USB 2.0 at distances up to 70 meters. KVM functionality allows remote control of a PC or media player from the display side using a keyboard and mouse.


What is a KVM Extender and Why Do I Need One?
A KVM extender is a device that increases the distance from a keyboard, monitor, and mouse to a computer. USB cables for keyboards and mice can only give you reliable connections up to 5 meters, so a KVM extender is a great solution for transmitting these connections over substantially long distances. The main purpose of a KVM extender is providing point-to-point computer extension and access to computers from remote locations. It consists of two units: a transmitter (Tx) that connects to the source (e.g., computer) and a receiver (Rx) that connects to the devices (e.g., keyboard, monitor, and mouse).

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A Big KVM Presentation Solution for Your Small Business
In presentation or collaboration settings, sometimes there are multiple presenters or the input source needs to change during the meeting. This involves switching cables as well as selecting a different source on the display. What a distraction. The rise of KVM presentation switchers has definitely made meetings more efficient by saving time and eliminating setup headaches.

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