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Stream Deck Plugin

Eugene Makarenko • October 6, 2023

The Stream Deck plugin is compatible with BZBGEAR PTZ Cameras, offering easy access to essential pan, tilt, and zoom controls. Additionally, users can efficiently handle preset recalls and focus operations. 

Stream Deck allows you to effortlessly stream your live footage to popular streaming platforms directly from the plugin interface. Notably, the latest features include the option to enable/disable auto tracking and the ability to assign local IP addresses for personalized camera commands.

Download Plugin

To get your BZBGEAR PTZ camera set up with the Stream Deck plugin, you’ll first need to input your camera’s IP address. Your camera’s IP address can be found on the camera itself or in the camera’s manual.

Click on any button to access the camera IP input field.

Note: By default, your Stream Deck uses the "Shared IP" setting for all functions. This means that the same IP address is used for all buttons and commands on the Stream Deck.


Set Up Multiple Cameras:

You have the option to customize individual buttons or commands with a different IP address by selecting the "Local IP" setting. It will allow you to apply different buttons to operate different PTZ cameras.

Once your camera’s IP address has been verified, you will have access to the PTZ (pan, tilt and zoom) controls, auto-focus functions and zoom levels.


Once your PTZ camera is ready to go, you can set up to 13 presets for your camera. Select a preset number, choose your desired camera angle for that preset, and make sure it’s set.

When you’ve successfully set a preset, you’ll be able to recall that camera angle at any time. Just select the preset number and your PTZ camera will automatically move to capture the area of interest.


Compatible Cameras


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