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Like Batman's grappling hook or Sherlock Holmes's magnifying glass, an HDMI generator and analyzer is an essential part of any professional AV installer's arsenal. An HDMI generator and analyzer allows complete end-to-end testing of all HDMI-related cabling and devices. This results in installers quickly identifying and correcting any issues that would otherwise complicate and delay their work.


BZBGEAR HDMI Generator and Analyzer Testing Kit



Always at your side when you need it, the BG-AVTPG-KIT combines two of our best-selling HDMI testers/analyzers for a comprehensive toolkit. The kit includes BG-AVTPG-4K and BG-AVTPG-MINI in a foam-lined protective case built to withstand rigors of job site abuse. Conduct verification and diagnostic tests of HDMI cables, A/V components, and video distribution networks with confidence.


The BG-AVTPG-4K is a versatile HDMI 2.0 generator and analyzer with 4.3" touch panel. It has protective rubber edges and a rechargeable battery making it suited for on-site testing just about anywhere. Easily access options for video patterns, audio signals, HDCP analyzer, and loop signal testing via the advanced touch panel and USB connection for mouse control. The BG-AVTPG-4K supports 8 channel LPCM with selectable sampling rate making it ideal for testing multi-channel audio systems.

BG-AVTPG-4K is capable of testing 4K2K@60 4:4:4 8-bit and 4K2K@60 4:2:0 16-bit and supports user defined patterns up to 2GB. It supports HDMI loop through with one HDMI input and one HDMI output. Control the BG-AVTPG-4K a number of ways: touch panel, Ethernet, and USB connection for mouse use. Easily access audio signal and video pattern options, Ethernet cloud-based upgrades, and features like HDCP analyzer and loop signal testing.


4K HDR test pattern generator front

4K HDR test pattern generator top

We demoed the BG-AVTPG-4K HDMI generator and analyzer on our YouTube tech channel BZB TV. Check out our video below:


The BG-AVTPG-MINI is a mobile, hand-held HDMI 2.0a tester/analyzer that helps installers test cable quality by generating HDMI signals and detecting important HDMI features fast. With this handy tool, users will appreciate its 3-hour chargeable battery and video patterns among other features. Adjustable color depth enables installers to instantly test display capabilities. Getting vital pieces of information makes troubleshooting a breeze and helps installers take out the guess work when it comes to HDMI compatibility issues. With the BG-AVTPG-MINI response time, you'll have your answer to any potential problems in under a minute.




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