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Our Vision for 2024: Expanding 8K Horizons and Innovation

Joel Cruz • February 5, 2024

Ushering in the new year, BZBGEAR is excited to share our ambitious goals and plans for 2024. With a steadfast commitment to delivering reliable, affordable pro AV and broadcasting solutions, we're poised in making significant strides in the industry this year.

Building Upon Our Product Line

One of the key messages to our customers is that we don't just focus on innovation; we're also dedicated to enhancing our existing products to meet evolving demands. 

While 2021 saw the introduction of everyone’s favorite AI auto-tracking PTZ camera series—the award-winning Ultra HD BG-ADAMO-4K and Full HD BG-ADAMO-JR—we acknowledged there were certain additions needed to be made to complement its abilities, such as joystick controllers (BG-Commander-Pro), video production switchers (BG-QuadFusion-4K), and other accessories. We have now meticulously refined and perfected these elements, ensuring the Adamo offers a complete and unparalleled experience to our customers.


BG-ADAMO-4KND (NDI|HX 3 model) at ISE 2024


In 2021, we also ventured into the 8K domain and introduced basic switchers as part of our entry-level offerings. Today, we’re proud to have substantially expanded our 8K line to include HDMI 2.1 matrix switchers, splitters, amplifiers, testers, and specialty cables. All supporting 8K@60Hz as well as 4K@120Hz.



Then in 2023, our hard work culminated in two of our 8K products getting well-deserved awards: BG-8K-88MA (8x8 matrix switcher) and BG-AVTPG-MINI-G2 (HDMI 2.1 test pattern generator).


New Product Developments

Our main focus for 2024 is to introduce groundbreaking products that push the boundaries of what's possible in the pro AV and broadcasting industries. We are set to release a number of new products to further enhance our product line.

The aforementioned 8K award winners are getting more robust. The BG-8K-88MA will get a 12x12 model in the BG-8K-1212MA. We’re proud to say this will be the first 8K 12x12 matrix switcher in the market. And the BG-AVTPG-MINI-G2 will get a fuller version in the BG-AVTPG-8K tester.




Dubbed the Swiss Army Knife of AV Distribution, our BG-4K-VP and BG-4K-VPPRO series are all-in-one 4K UHD matrix switchers that also support video walls and multiviewing. Our BG-4K-VPPRO line goes a step further by extending HDMI signals via category cables. Both series will be expanding and getting 16x16 versions.


One of our most eagerly anticipated releases for 2024 is the groundbreaking BG-Nutrix medical-grade 4K PTZ camera. We are proud to announce it was awarded Best of Show by AV Technology at ISE 2024. It is IEC 60601 certified and comes with AI auto tracking and night vision. The latest improvements now have the integrated speaker as a modular attachment. With the ability to separate the speaker from the main unit, customers can purchase individual components to suit their needs. The speakerphone allows two-way communication reminiscent of walkie-talkies.



Our favorite and most exciting development will be the journey to bring you an 8K PTZ camera, poised to revolutionize high-resolution video capture and content for when 8K eventually becomes the standard. We’ll begin developing this year with the goal of releasing it in early 2025.

Software Development and Enhanced Connectivity

Our commitment to delivering value extends to software development. With the Nutrix, along with all of its features, we’re introducing a basic monitoring system. And as always, we’re responsive to customer feedback, readily incorporating requested changes and additional features.

Our matrix and PTZ control software will also continue to improve, and the best part is it remains absolutely free. Previously exclusive to Apple users, we are now proud to offer OS-agnostic support, ensuring compatibility with iOS, Windows, and Android platforms.

Engaging with Our Community

In 2024, BZBGEAR will continue to stay relevant and make our presence known by participating at the world’s premiere pro AV and broadcasting trade shows: ISE, IBC, InfoComm, and NAB Show. Be sure to stay updated with our developments through our website and social media channels.



We invite you to connect with us at trade shows, where you can discuss your custom projects and share your insights. At BZBGEAR, we believe our success is intertwined with the satisfaction of our customers, and we are eager to collaborate with you to bring your vision to life.

2024 is poised to be a transformative year for BZBGEAR, with a focus on innovation, product expansion, and continued commitment to our customers. We look forward to delivering the highest quality pro AV and broadcasting solutions and engaging with you, our valued partners and users, every step of the way. Together, we'll redefine what's possible in the world of audiovisual technology.

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