4×4 4K UHD Seamless HDMI Matrix Switcher/Video Wall Processor/MultiViewer with Scaler/IR/Audio/IP and RS-232

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The BG-4K-VP44 is a powerful video processor and supports four HDMI inputs that can be independently routed to HDMI Outputs. This unit can create video walls, act as a multi-viewer and perform matrix functions! The BG-4K-VP44 supports Video Wall configurations of up to 7 different modes with each monitor. It can also display four pictures on the same screen and has multiple split display modes.

Connectivity and Quality

With max resolutions up to [email protected] 4:4:4, the BG-4K-VP44 is capable of producing high-quality imagery with pristine detailing and rich color. All HDMI ports on this unit are HDCP 2.2 compliant. This device also supports analog audio extraction, and audio channels can be switched independently.


The BG-4K-VP44 offers multiple control methods including front panel controls, IR remote control, RS-232, or IP control. The included IR receiver allows the unit to be controlled with the included remote while located out of sight for a clean installation.

In addition to a full-featured web interface, the BG-4K-VP44 includes control software that can be operated via the RS-232 connection. These interfaces allow users to adjust advanced features like EDID management, mapping, and network settings.


4X4 Matrixing
4x HDMI Inputs that can be independently routed to 4 HDMI Outputs
Video Wall
Supports Video Wall up to 7 different modes with each monitor
Mutiview Capabilities
It can display 4 pictures on the same screen and has multiple split display modes
HDCP Compliant
HDCP 2.2 compliancy ensures copyright protection
Control Options
Control via panel button, Remote Control, RS232 Control, TCP/IP Control
Supports resolution up to [email protected] 4:4:4
  • No switching delay or picture loss during transitions
  • Supports HDMI audio formats including Dolby-5.1, DTS-5.1
  • Analog audio extraction and the audio can be independently switching
  • Advanced EDID management: Seamless scaling for the best results


The Swiss Army Knife of AV Distribution - Matrix Switcher, Video Wall, Multiviewer
The Swiss Army Knife of AV Distribution - Matrix Switcher, Video Wall, Multiviewer

Tech Specifications

Input ports 4xHDMI
Output ports 4xHDMI
Video Format Supported [email protected], YUV4:4:4 8 bit
[email protected]/1080P/1080i/720P
Audio Formats Supported HDMI digital audio DTS-5.1/Dolby-5.1
HDCP Compliant HDCP 2.2 and HDCP 1.4
Input Video Signal 0.5-1.0 volts p-p
Input DDC Signal 5 volts p-p (TTL)
Bandwidth 18 Gbit/s
Matrix mode 4×4 seamless switching
Video wall mode Multiple video wall modes
Multi-viewer mode Multiple multi-viewer modes
Power Consumption 23 Watts (Max.)
Operating Temperature Range 23 to +104°F / -5 to +40°C
Storage Temperature Range -14 to +140°F / -10 to +60°C
Operating Humidity Range 5 to 90 % RH (no condensation)
Dimensions Matrix: 10”(L) x 6.4″(W) x 1.4”(H) [L262 x W163 x H36 mm]
Mass (Main Unit) 6lbs [2710g]



  • 1x Main Unit (4×4 HDMI Matrix)
  • 1x DC 12V/3A power adapter
  • 1x Remote control
  • 1x Wide-Band IR Receiver cables
  • 1x CD for user manual & Command list
  • 1x 3 Pin Phoenix terminal plug


  1. LCD Screen: LCD screen and IR receiving port, indicator light.
  2. Output & Input buttons: Output button OUT 1~4 & Input button IN 1~4.
  4. Audio In 1~4: 3.5mm ports.
  5. Audio Out 1~4: 3.5mm ports.
  6. S/PDIF OUT 1~4: Coaxial Ports.
  7. IR EXT: 3.5mm port.
  8. RS232 Port: 3PIN Phoenix port:TX – GND – RX.
  9. HDMI IN 1~4: A type 19 PIN-HDMI Port.
  10. HDMI OUT 1~4: A type 19 PIN-HDMI Port.
  11. Ethernet port: WEB GUI Control.
  12. Power: Power input 12V/3A.