4-Channel 4K UHD Live Streaming HDMI/DP Switcher Mixer with PIP and USB 3.0 Capture Card

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Introducing the BG-QuadFusion-4K: A Feature Packed 4K UHD 4-CH Video Production Switcher. The BG-QuadFusion-4K is a versatile video production switcher designed for professional broadcast and TV stations. This switcher offers comprehensive control options, including keyboard-based special effects and transitions, and intuitive menu display functions. It supports up to 4-CH HDMI/DP (DisplayPort) inputs 4K60 signals, making it ideal for a wide range of live broadcasting applications, including sports events, concerts, and studio recordings.

Audio and Visual Excellence

This video production switcher boasts an impressive array of features, including HDMI and DP decoders, support for various input resolutions, built-in format conversion, audio processing, video streaming capabilities, and more. It provides 4 video input channels and 4 HDMI video output channels, along with 2 analog audio input and output channels. Additionally, it supports DCB control, tally output, H.26x encoding for video streaming, and remote upgrade capability. 

The BG-QuadFusion-4K is built for both studio and on-location use, making it suitable for live performances, course recordings, and studio guidance. Its advanced functions include multi-format video input, audio embedding, audio mixing, an SD card slot, USB 3.0 streaming, keying effects, RS422 control, and more, all accessible through user-friendly operation. 

The switcher allows control of up to 4 cameras and is particularly well-suited for large-scale events like sports broadcasts and concerts. Its robust construction, featuring metal aluminum alloy, ensures durability, while its ultra-thin design facilitates transportation and maintenance

In terms of special effects, this switcher offers a range of transition options, including MIX, FADE, and various wipes. It also supports picture-in-picture (PIP) and picture-out-picture (POP) effects. Chroma key and luma key functionalities enable easy overlay of graphics and subtitles. 

The switcher's menu settings are straightforward to navigate, offering language options, fan control, and system reset capabilities. With its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface, the BG-QuadFusion-4K is an essential tool for professional video production.



  • HDMI Encoder & DP Decoder
    Effortlessly manage multiple video sources
  • Special Effects
    Unlock creative potential with built-in effects
  • Control Options
    Convenient RJ45 remote, backlit buttons, and knobs for precise adjustments
  • Immersive Audio
    2-CH MIC inputs, LINE OUT for rich soundscapes
  • 4K Support
    Present content in stunning, clear 4K resolution
  • Durable Mobility
    High-strength aluminum alloy for lasting, portable use

Enhanced Audio Control

Achieve high-quality audio with 3.5mm stereo line output, input, and dual microphone inputs for immersive audio embedding.

Effortless Software Control and Network Accessibility

Connect via RJ45 LAN port for software control and access; enable remote management for seamless control from anywhere.

Streamlined Live Streaming

Utilize Stream USB 3.0 for a hassle-free 1080p60 USB 3.0 PGM output/capture in live streaming setups.

User-Friendly Interface

Navigate easily with an intuitive button layout on the BG-QuadFusion-4K, featuring backlit buttons for improved visibility in low-light conditions.

Multiview Monitoring and Settings Management

Experience enhanced monitoring with HDMI multiview output displaying up to four inputs and device menu, simplifying settings management.


Unleashing 4K Brilliance: BG-QuadFusion-4K Seamless Video Production Switcher
Unleashing 4K Brilliance: BG-QuadFusion-4K Seamless Video Production Switcher
Revolutionary BG-QuadFusion-4K: Elevate Your Video Production
Revolutionary BG-QuadFusion-4K: Elevate Your Video Production
BZBGEAR's Brand New QuadFusion Production Switchers at CFX 2023
BZBGEAR's Brand New QuadFusion Production Switchers at CFX 2023
Brand New Lineup of Professional Broadcasting Production Switchers from BZBGEAR | IBC 2023
Brand New Lineup of Professional Broadcasting Production Switchers from BZBGEAR | IBC 2023
4K Production Switcher BG-QuadFusion-4K: Unleashing the Power of Creativity
4K Production Switcher BG-QuadFusion-4K: Unleashing the Power of Creativity

Tech Specifications

SKU BG-QuadFusion-4K
Video Signal Input Input signal HDMI / DP video signal
Code rate 270Mbps ~ 18Gbps
Connector Standard
Signal amplitude 800mV±10% (HDMI/DP)
Impedance 100Ω (HDMI), 100Ω (DP)
Balance Adaptive
DVD input 480i/576i, 480p/576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 2160p
HDMI/DP input support 3840x2160, 1920x1080, 1680x1050, 1600x900,
1440x1050, 1366x768, 1360x768, 1280x102,
1280x960, 1280x800, 1280x768, 1280x720,
1280x600, 1152x864, 1024x768, 800x600
Video Signal Output Output signal HDMI video output
Code rate 6Gbps ~ 18Gbps
Connector Standard
Return Loss >15dB 5MHz~3GHz
Signal amplitude 800mV±10%(HDMI/DP)
Impedance 100Ω (HDMI), 100Ω (DP)
DC offset 0V±0.5V
Clock recovery Support
General Parameters Power supply 12V
Power rate <35W
Size 11.2in x 6.9in x 2.4in [284mm x 175mm x 60mm]
Control panel Support on-site production, integration of a variety of buttons
Operating temperature 32°F ~ 122°F / 0°C ~ 50°C, No condensation
Storage temperature -4°F ~ 167°F / -20°C ~ 75°C
Working humidity 20% ~ 70%RH
Storage humidity 0% ~ 90%RH, No condensation


  • 1 x BG-QuadFusion-4K
  • 1 x Power Adapter (12V DC)
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x 3ft USB 3.0 Type-B to Type-A Cable


  1. Line Out: 3.5mm stereo line level output for audio extraction.
  2. Line In: 3.5mm stereo line level input for audio embedding.
  3. MIC Inputs 1/2: 2x 3.5mm stereo mini microphone inputs for audio embedding.
  4. Control: RJ45 LAN connection for software control and network access.
  5. Stream USB 3.0: 1080p60 USB 3.0 PGM output / capture.
  6. HD PGM: 1x HDMI program output capable of downscaling to 1080p60.
  7. DCB: External control for keyboard, wireless tally, or device cascade.
  8. PWR: DC 12v power supply.
  9. Tally/GPI: Connect to a director tally light/GPI control system.
  10. HDMI/DP Input 1: Selectable HDMI or alternate DisplayPort input connections capable of 4K60.
  11. HDMI 2-4: 3x HDMI input connections capable of 4K60 inputs.
  12. Multiview: HDMI multiview output capable of displaying 4 connected inputs and device menu.
  13. PGM: 2x HDMI program outputs capable of 4K60.