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From October 17th to October 20th, BZBGEAR will be exhibiting at NAB New York! NAB New York is expecting over 200 exhibitors, which means we’ll be seeing an array of innovative technologies and products.

The BZBGEAR team is gearing up for this amazing NAB show and we’re also excited to be in the heart of NYC! What can you expect from the BZBGEAR exhibit? We are bringing a number of new and evolving products + technologies with us for everyone to see firsthand. This includes some of our award winning products and ground-breaking new software developments. In this article, we’ll be introducing the BZBGEAR team members you can expect to see at the exhibit; as well as the products you will be able to explore! Make sure to check us out at booth 1825.


Meet the team!

Who will you meet at NAB NY? You can expect to see: Eilbron Khoshabeh - VP of Global Sales, Chris Graham - Director of Sales & Business Development, and Vlad Demydov - Chief Technology Officer. All of our team members are very knowledgeable and genuinely passionate about the pro AV and broadcasting industry. Eilbron, Chris and Vlad have all been in the industry for many years. So, if you have any questions, they’ll be more than happy to answer them! BZBGEAR is always open to developing new partnerships, so don’t be afraid to spark up a conversation with one of the guys! 


What Products can you expect to see?

The team will be showcasing a mix of new and evolving products. This includes our award winning ADAMO series, A new Dante AV-H compatible camera, new NDI cameras, and our new 4K videobar. 


The Award Winning ADAMO Series 

The BG-ADAMO line-up is now a 3-time award winning PTZ camera series! The series won Best of NAB 2022 by Videomaker, 2022 Product of the Year by NAB Show, and Best of Show at IBC 2022 by TV TECH. The ADAMO series has 3 different models: the standard BG-ADAMO-4K, the NDI|HX3 compatible BG-ADAMO-4KND and the Dante AV-H compatible BG-ADAMO-4KDA. 

The ADAMO camera series outputs 4K@60Hz and supports HDMI, 12G-SDI, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, and LAN. They are equipped with LED tally lights, a microSDXC card writer with 1 TB capacity, and Power over Ethernet (PoE) while being offered in 12x and 25x optical zooms.

The auto-tracking technology of the Adamo PTZ camera series uses the latest human detection AI algorithms to enhance speed and precision. This tracking method uses only one camera and one lens to detect and capture human forms and moving objects within seconds. It locks on to a person’s head and shoulders as opposed to using standard face recognition. That is to avoid the camera losing its auto-tracking ability if its target looks away from the camera.


The Dante AV-H Compatible Camera

BZBGEAR recently announced a partnership with Audinate to build products with Dante AV-H technology! The first Dante AV-H product we launched was the BG-ADAMO-4KDA. This ADAMO model can perform network based production tasks using Dante AV-H; while it still sports its pre-existing features. Audinate’s Dante AV-H is a leading AV over IP standard that offers many beneficial features for broadcasters and production professionals. Our team will be happy to tell you more about it at NAB NY! 


New NDI compatible cameras

BZBGEAR has some new additions to the NDI camera family! We recently introduced the BG-VPTZN-HSU3 and the BG-BSHAN

The BG-VPTZ-HSU3 was already one of our best selling compact PTZ cameras. It now comes with NDI compatibility (the BG-VPTZN-HSU3 model) , making it capable of high performance network based production. NDI also offers an extensive tool-kit that streamlines broadcasting and production tasks for users. Check it out at the BZBGEAR booth to learn more! 

The BG-BSHAN is a NDI compatible box camera with audio input. It is an optical zoom IP-streaming camera utilizing a high-quality CMOS sensor to deliver crisp HD video signals. Its compact design provides versatile placement options and ease-of-use in a sleek low-profile exterior. This camera is well-suited for a wide variety of broadcast and professional A/V applications including lecture streaming, education, room monitoring, studios, and more. You can get firsthand experience with this camera at our booth!


The BG-CYCLOPS-4K Videobar 

Halloween is around the corner from NAB NY, so we’re bringing the CYCLOPS! The BG-CYCLOPS-4K auto-tracking/auto-framing videobar conference camera will be on display at the BZBGEAR exhibit. This videobar has 6 integrated microphones and dual 10W high fidelity speakers. The BG-CYCLOPS-4K is packed full of state-of-the-art features, making this the next generation of videobars! Make sure to check out this videobar at the show! 


But wait, there’s more…

Other than the products mentioned above, the BZBGEAR team will have a lot more to showcase. BZBGEAR has also been perfecting IOS, MAC and PC applications for camera control, AV over IP, matrix switching and more. There are many reasons to visit the BZBGEAR booth, so we hope to see you there! 

Overall, the BZBGEAR team is excited for NAB NY! There’s always something new to learn, great people to network with and amazing innovations to see. Of course, this will all be taking place in the heart of NYC! Make sure to visit BZBGEAR at booth 1825. To learn more about NAB NY, visit: To learn more about BZBGEAR, visit:

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