Extenders over Fiber Optic

Extenders over Fiber Optic

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When an application calls for extreme range, extenders over fiber optic answers. A fiber optic cable allows for perfect signal transmission with no artifacts or signal degradation. There are many types of fiber optic extenders for the many types of video sources.

HDMI fiber optic extenders are typically used in environments like building-to-building connections on government or university campuses and live events at stadiums and arenas. BZBGEAR HDMI fiber optic extenders send HDMI signals across distances of up to 6.25 mi (10 km).

A keyboard-video-mouse (KVM) fiber optic extender is a device that extends control of computers and USB peripherals to a separate location. Not typically employed in a residential setting, KVM fiber optic extenders are often used for commercial and industrial applications where a user needs to operate a computer located in a different part of the building.

USB fiber optic extenders are a great solution to common problems related to USB cable length. The perfect place for your printer might be just too far away for a USB cable to reach. Maybe you have a remote monitor for your computer and need a way for your keyboard and mouse to reach. Free yourself from cabling restrictions and create a more aesthetically pleasing space with BZBGEAR USB fiber optic extenders.

BZBGEAR Solutions

The BG-UHD-18GFE is the pro's choice for extending long distance HDR [email protected] (4:2:0) HDMI signals at 18Gbps over Fiber Optics up to 10 km (6.25 miles) using single-mode cabling. This extender is HDCP compliant and offers control options including Bi-Directional IR and RS-232 pass-through as well as KVM keyboard/mouse signal transmissions for control via the USB-A ports.
There are certain applications where CAT5 or 6 are just not going to cut it due to distance limitations. If your project requires 4K to pass 328ft, we've got the unit that will do just that. The BZB Gear BZ-18GTX-Fiber Fiber Optic Extender kit supports 4K Ultra HD resolutions (@ 60Hz, 4:4:4) up to distances of 3300 feet/1000 meters over single-mode fiber cable or up to 1000 feet/300 meters over multimode fiber cable.


BZBGEAR Fiber Optic Extender Reaches Great Heights
Predominantly seen in the commercial world, there are long distance applications where CAT cables just won’t cut it. Some HDMI signals need to extend upwards to 3000 feet! That’s where a fiber optic extender comes into play, with its ability to transfer an HDMI signal as an uncompressed video signal for maximum performance retaining color depth, refresh rate, and transmission speeds.

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Fiber Optic Extender Goes the Extra Mile
Fiber optic cables are becoming the preferred option for transmitting high bandwidth signals like 4K transmissions. In the past, fiber optic cables could easily be compromised if twisted, bent, or even stepped on. But now they are more reliable as the jacket structure is more durable, lighter, and flexible. They really are the go-to cable for extending HDMI and control signals, especially when they need to travel farther than 330 feet, which is the typical drop-off point for HDBaseT products using CAT cables.

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