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What is a Video Signal Extender?

Trevon Martin • October 17, 2022


Video signal extenders are designed to help users overcome the transmission limitations of traditional HDMI, SDI or USB cables. BZBGEAR extenders extend traditional video signal over ethernet and COAX RG6. Ethernet (category 5 or category 6) cables can extend signals up to 100 meters (328ft) without any loss or latency. COAX RG6 cables can extend a signal up to 6.2 miles(10km). Extending your signal over an ethernet cable or COAX RG6 is also a lot more dependable since these types of cables are built to last longer through years of heavy use. Here are the types of signal extenders we offer:


HDMI over Category (Ethernet) 

Why would I need an HDMI extender? Beyond 50 feet an HDMI signal can become unreliable and can result in intermittent connections, reduced resolution, or sometimes no connection at all. The HDMI extender over cat6 can reach up to 100 meters / 328 ft. A cat6 cable is also capable of carrying the data from the HDMI cable over a longer distance without interference. That is 6 times the distance of an HDMI cable! Many of our HDMI extenders are also HDBaseT compliant, making them even more dependable. 

The HDBaseT standard supports audio, video, power, control, and a network connection over a cat6 cable. This standard also supports 100 watts of power over cat6, which is 100 watts over 100 meters / 328 feet. This extra power and connectivity isn't required in most cases, but it can be particularly useful for certain applications. 



If the HDMI over cat6 isn’t enough, we also have the HDMI over COAX RG6. Using a COAX RG6 cable will enable users to extend their HDMI signal up to 6 miles (10km). Extending a signal over COAX RG6 will not result in any loss of connection or signal quality. Users can also stick to their budget when upgrading to this signal extension solution. Coaxial cables are typically inexpensive, easy to install, easy to expand, durable and have a 10Mbps capacity. HDMI over coax distribution is also significantly high quality and high speed.


KVM/USB over Category (Ethernet)

KVM/USB extenders are used to extend control for your PCs up to 70 meters away. The installation of a KVM extender allows the user to locate their computer out of sight and maximize their available work area. BZBGEAR also offers TAA Compliant extenders for government use. 


Fiber Optic Extenders

BZBGEAR fiber optic extenders are ideally suited for use in large facilities. They are often used to send video between separate buildings on the same campus, large studios, and venues like sports arenas. BZBGEAR offers USB over fiber, SDI over fiber and HDMI over fiber extenders. 


Overall, video signal extenders are always important to have around, especially for traveling pro AV and broadcasting professionals. To learn more about BZBGEAR video signal extenders, visit:

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