8x8 Digital Audio Processor with RS-232, TCP/IP and PC program control

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The BG-AU88-MA is a powerful DANTE-equipped audio mixer equipped with 4 microphone input channels, 6 line input channels, 10 line output channels, and a DANTE output. Packed with useful features like full-band Adaptive Echo Cancellation (AEC), Adaptive Noise Suppression (ANS), Automatic Gain Control (AGC), and auto-mixing, this audio processor outputs clear, clean, and detailed audio with a high signal-to-noise ratio.

Connectivity & Features

The BG-AU88-MA is compliant with HDMI 2.0b and can process HDMI audio. It also features an HDMI loop-out and supports HDMI audio embedding and de-embedding. This device also has a 48V phantom power supply for the four microphone input channels. The inclusion of a DANTE port enables connectivity for networked audio distribution systems.

Thanks to dynamic adaptive noise reduction technology, noise can be reduced at signal levels up to 18 dB, ensuring that sound is clear with less background hum and fuzz. Combined with Automatic Gain Control and Adaptive Echo Cancellation, the BG-AU88-MA is able to achieve a high signal-to-noise ratio.


Each of the analog I/O channels has a volume knob allowing operators to control volume independently for each channel. The auto-mixer function enables operators to set the priority order when multiple microphones are in use at the same time. The powerful suite of digital signal processing modules include a compressor,  expander, equalizer,  auto gain control, limiter, high pass filter, low pass filter, and delay for each channel of audio. Volume control, signal meter, and scene control functions round out this premium mixer’s robust set of features.

Operators also have the ability to switch to matrix routings when needed. The BG-AU88-MA is controlled  using the included software supporting Windows systems via the LAN connection. RS-232 serial control is also supported.


  • Audio Matrix
    Route any input to any output
  • Dante Support
    Convert analog and HDMI audio sources to Dante
  • High-Quality Audio
    24-bit ADC and DAC, 48KHz sampling
  • DSP
    Expander, EQ, Compressor, Auto-Gain, Limiter, HPF, LPF, and Delay for each audio channel
  • Phantom Power
    48V power for each mic input
  • Control Software included
    Full control of all parameters with a Windows 7/10 PC
  • HDMI 2.0b compliant
  • Provide 4-ch balanced MIC inputs, 6-ch balanced linear inputs and 10-ch balanced linear outputs
  • Support HDMI audio signal input, loop out, audio embedding and de-embedding
  • Provide a standard DANTE network audio interface
  • Support adaptive feedback suppression function
  • Support the full-band adaptive acoustic echo cancellation technology
  • Dynamic adaptive noise reduction technology is provided to reduce noise with signal level up to 18dB
  • Auto Mixer function is provided to set the order of priority when multiple microphones are input at one time
  • Inclusive of Digital signal processing modules such as Expander, Equalizer, Compressor, Auto Gain Control, Limiter, High Pass Filter, Low Pass Filter and Delay
  • Support volume control, meter, scene control, etc.
  • Capable to switch matrix routings
  • 48V phantom power supply for 4-ch MIC inputs
  • 48 KHz sampling rate, 24-bit for A/D or D/A conversion
  • Separated I/O volume knobs
  • Support monitoring function
  • Compatible to run on Win 7 and Win 10, with standard RJ45 interface control
  • Support RS-232 serial commands control

Tech Specifications

HDMI Compliance HDMI 2.0b
MIC input: -0.5 / -0.5dB
Linear input: -0.2 / -0.2dB
THD+N (1KHZ@+4dBu) ≤ 0.01%
EIN (MIC input) ≤ -125dBu
SNR (linear input) ≥ 90dB
Dynamic Range ≥ 100dB
Channel Level Difference -0.5 / -0.5dB
Channel Isolation ≥ 80dB
Channel Phase Difference ≤ 0.5°
Max Input Level 20dBu
Max MIC Gain 40dB
Input Impedance 20KΩ
Output Impedance 300Ω
Sampling Frequency 48KHZ
A/D and D/A Conversion 24Bit
Phantom Power +48 VDC
Inputs 4 x Balanced MIC [3-pin phoenix connector]
6 x Balanced LINE [3-pin phoenix connector] or
3 x Stereo Audio [3-pin phoenix connector]
Outputs 10 x Balanced LINE [3-pin phoenix connector] or
5 x Stereo audio [3-pin phoenix connector]
1 x Stereo audio [3.5mm L/R]
Controls 1 x LAN [RJ45]
1 x RS-232 [3-pin phoenix connector]
Digital Audio Interfaces 1 x HDMI IN [Type A 19-pin female]
1 x HDMI OUT [Type A 19-pin female]
1 x Dante [RJ45]
Housing Metal Enclosure
Color Black
Dimensions 19"(W) x 9.8"(D) x 1.8"(H) [482mm (W) x 250mm (D) x 45mm (H)]
Weight 6.39 lbs [2.9kg]
Power Supply AC 100 - 240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 11W(Max)
Operating Temperature 0°C ~ 40°C / 32°F ~ 104°F
Storage Temperature -20°C ~ 60°C / -4°F ~ 140°F
Relative Humidity 20~90% RH (non-condensing)


  • 1 x Digital Audio Processor
  • 1 x AC 100~240V 50/60Hz Power Cord
  • 22 x Phoenix Connector (3-pin, 3.81mm)
  • 1 x User Manual


  1. INPUT VOLUME: Knobs to control the volume of MIC and linear inputs. Use a screwdriver in the clockwise direction to turn up the volume; counterclockwisely to turn it down.
  2. Power LED: When the device is powered on, the red LED will light on.
  3. STATUS LED: When the device runs normally, the green STATUS LED will flash.
  4. HEADPHONE: 3.5mm headphone listening port.
    Note: this listening port outputs the same audio as OUTPUT LINE 5. If you want to enable the listening function, you need to select the corresponding input channel in the AUTO MIXER module.
  5. OUTPUT VOLUME: Knobs to control the volume of linear outputs. Use a screwdriver in the clockwise direction to turn up the volume; counterclockwisely to turn it down.
  6. INPUT: 4-ch MIC inputs and 6-ch balanced linear inputs, used for connecting audio source devices via phoenix connectors.
  7. OUTPUT: 10-ch balanced linear outputs, used for connecting Amplifier or Speaker via phoenix connectors.
  8. HDMI INPUT: HDMI signal input port, used for connecting HDMI source device via HDMI cable.
  9. HDMI OUTPUT: HDMI signal output port, used for connecting HDMI display device via HDMI cable.
  10. DANTE: Standard DANTE network audio transmission interface.
  11. RS-232: Used for connecting PC or control system via phoenix connector. RS-232 (1) is used for transmitting RS-232 control commands; RS-232 (2) for firmware upgrade.
  12. LAN: Standard RJ45 interface for network connection.
  13. BOOT 2-PIN DIP Switch: Used for firmware upgrade.
    Note: it can only be used when the device is in factory. Both 2 pins should be switched to “1” when the device is in service; if not, the device won’t kick off.
  14. DIP Switch: Function reserved.
  15. Power Switch & Power Port: Power switch and AC 100-240V power input port.