4x4 4K UHD Seamless HDMI Matrix Switcher/Video Wall Processor/MultiViewer Over Cat5/6/7 with 4xReceiver Kit


Introducing the BG-4K-VP44PRO: Your Ultimate 4x4 HDMI 2.0 CAT5/6/7 Seamless Matrix. Experience the next level of video distribution with the BG-4K-VP44PRO, a versatile all-in-one solution that's redefining the audiovisual landscape. Packed with advanced features like video wall and multi-view modes, this device unleashes a new era of flexibility, empowering your audiovisual setup with unmatched signal extension capabilities for even the most expansive spaces. Its sophisticated audio matrixing ensures crystal-clear sound, while the Power over Cable (PoC) functionality eliminates cable clutter, streamlining your setup and providing a cleaner, more efficient solution. Upgrade your AV setup today with the BG-4K-VP44PRO and elevate your entertainment experience to new heights.

Connectivity and Quality

Extend your HDMI 2.0 signals up to an impressive 70m(229ft) using a single CAT5/6/7 cable. Enjoy the flexibility to position your devices exactly where you desire, without compromising on signal quality. Immerse yourself in stunning visuals and crystal-clear audio, whether it's for a home theater, corporate environment, or event space.

The BG-4K-VP44PRO's audio matrix capabilities offer unparalleled versatility. Seamlessly distribute audio signals to multiple zones or rooms, creating the perfect soundscape throughout your venue. Host unforgettable events, deliver impactful presentations, or enjoy your favorite music with a level of control that ensures every corner of your space is filled with pristine sound.

Equipped with HDMI inputs, RJ45 outputs, and an HDMI loop-out functionality, this seamless matrix provides extensive connectivity options. Immerse yourself in the brilliance of 4K resolution, 4:4:4 color sampling, and 8-bit color depth, all while maintaining HDCP 2.2 compliance and efficient EDID management. Experience your audiovisual content with remarkable clarity, accuracy, and fidelity, captivating your audience like never before.


Installing and controlling the BG-4K-VP44PRO is a breeze. With multiple control options—including panel buttons, remote control, RS232, TCP/IP, and the BG-SWITCH-CONTROL app, a free BZBGEAR proprietary matrix switcher control software for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android—you can effortlessly manage the device according to your preferences. The inclusion of PoC functionality optimizes power distribution to receiver units, simplifying the installation process and enhancing overall system reliability. Say goodbye to cable clutter and hello to a streamlined setup that maximizes efficiency without compromising performance.


  • Signal Extension
    Extend your HDMI 2.0 signals up to 70m (229ft) over cat 5
  • Audio Matrixing
    Analog audio embedded & extraction - the audio can be independently routed
  • PoC
    Power over Cable enables devices to be powered and centralized via a single cable connection
  • Multiview Mode
    Display 4 different sources on the same screen
  • Video Wall Mode
    Supports up to a 2X2 video wall - Up to 7 different modes built-in and supports cascading
  • 4K UHD
    Support for 4K@60Hz 4:4:4 8bit, HDCP 2.2
  • HDMI Loop out
  • Seamless Matrix Mode: 4 in 4 out no switching delay and signal loss
  • Advanced EDID management
  • LPCM 2.0 Audio format
  • Control via Panel button, Remote, RS232, TCP/IP Control


The Swiss Army Knife of the AV World! BG-4K-VP44 Matrix Switcher, Video Wall & Multiviewer! InfoComm
The Swiss Army Knife of the AV World! BG-4K-VP44 Matrix Switcher, Video Wall & Multiviewer! InfoComm
4K Seamless Matrix Switcher With Built-in Video Wall Processor| BG-4K-VP44PRO
4K Seamless Matrix Switcher With Built-in Video Wall Processor| BG-4K-VP44PRO

Tech Specifications

Input ports 4x HDMI Ports
Output ports 4x RJ45 Ports and 4x HDMI Ports
Matrix mode 4x4 seamless switching
Video wall mode Multiple video wall modes
Multi-viewer mode Multiple multi-viewer modes
Video Input Connectors 4x HDMI Type A, 19-pin, female
Video Output Connectors 4x RJ45 female and 4x HDMI Type A, 19-pin, female
Bandwidth 18Gbit/s
Video Format Supported 4K@60Hz,YUV4:4:4 8bit
Audio Formats Supported LPCM 2.0
HDCP Compliant HDCP 2.2 and HDCP 1.4
Power Consumption 41 Watts (Max)
Dimensions (L x W x H) Matrix: 10 x 6.4 x 1.4in [262 x 163 x 36mm]
Weight (Main Unit) Matrix: 5.97 lbs [2710g]
Operating Temperature Range 23 to +104°F / -5 to +40°C
Storage Temperature Range -14 to +140°F / -10 to +60°C
Operating Humidity Range 5 to 90% RH (no condensation)


  • 1x BG-4K-VP44PRO
  • 1x 12V/4A DC power adapter
  • 1x Remote control
  • 5x 3 Pin Phoenix Terminal Plug
  • 4x BG-4K-VP44PRO-R
  • 5x IR Transmitter Cables
  • 5x IR Receiver Cables
  • 1x CD and User Manual