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If you read our article on PTZ cameras, you know that PTZ stands for pan, tilt and zoom. In that article, we also explained how a PTZ camera can physically pan horizontally, tilt on a vertical axis and zoom in/out. Now we ask, what is an ePTZ camera? 

First off, ePTZ stands for electronic pan, tilt and zoom. An ePTZ camera simulates a PTZ camera, but the PTZ operations happen inside of the ePTZ camera. For example, a 4K image space allows for a 3X lossless digital zoom with a 720p output. What happens is, since the PTZ operations happen inside of a large resolution pixel space; The ePTZ camera will let you cut up 4K into different regions. The user can cut an HD region of interest out of the video and the ePTZ camera will then be able to seamlessly perform PTZ operations within that region.

Furthermore, with the option to create presets, users can seamlessly switch between preset angles. Since these operations happen digitally, the ePTZ camera can quickly snap into a new angle on command. 

When it comes to controlling an ePTZ camera, users will have remote control and software control options. If a user has an NDI model, they will be able to control the camera with the NDI studio.

Overall, ePTZ cameras are great for environments such as classrooms and studios. They are easy to use and provide high quality content. Check out the video below to see BZBGEAR’s BG-MAESTRO auto-tracking ePTZ camera in action. 

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