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PTZ cameras have so many different qualities to them, and the Google Search recommendations make that very clear. We went to Google to see what the most common search terms were for PTZ cameras. Then, we went through our PTZ camera catalog and found solutions for the top searches. Here’s the result!


Search #1: PTZ Camera Meaning

We’re starting with “PTZ camera meaning” because there’s no better way to start a blog about PTZ cameras than explaining what a PTZ camera is. PTZ stands for Pan, Tilt and Zoom. A PTZ camera can pan horizontally, tilt on a vertical axis and zoom in or out. Each PTZ camera is different in how wide of an angle it can pan, how far up and down it can tilt, and how close it can zoom in. These specifications are always available, so you can choose the right PTZ camera for your environment. 

Some get confused when trying to differentiate between PTZ and ePTZ. PTZ cameras make Pan, Tilt and Zoom operations physically. Meaning, when the camera pans, it will actually move left and right. On the other hand, ePTZ cameras make these operations digitally. We have blogs specially about PTZ and ePTZ if you’d like to learn more!  


Search #2: PTZ Camera for Live Streaming 

Live streaming PTZ cameras are currently one of the most popular requests for BZBGEAR. One of our best-selling live streaming PTZ cameras is the BG-VPTZ-HSU3. This is a full HD PTZ equipped with the latest live streaming technology (H.264/H.265 video compression and RTMP(S) network protocol). 

The BG-VPTZ-HSU3 also supports audio embedding, simultaneous video outputs (3G-SDI, HDMI, USB 3.0 & IP streaming), and Power over Ethernet (PoE) for simple set up. 

To control this live streaming PTZ camera, users can take advantage of the IR remote control, web control interface or the BZBGEAR iOS control app. 

The best feature, it is compatible with popular streaming and social platforms such as: YouTube, Facebook Live, Instagram Live, LinkedIn Live and more. 


Search #3: PTZ camera with auto tracking 

For this search, we have a very special recommendation. This is a three-time award winning artificial intelligence powered 4K auto-tracking PTZ camera! That’s right, the BG-ADAMO series won two awards at NAB Show Las Vegas and one at IBC Amsterdam. 

The auto-tracking technology in the ADAMO uses the latest human detection AI algorithms to track with impressive speed and accuracy. This monocular tracking method uses only one camera and one lens to easily detect and capture human forms and moving objects within seconds. This is currently one of the best auto tracking PTZ cameras on the market. 

The ADAMO comes in three different models: The standard BG-ADAMO-4K, The NDI|HX3 compatible BG-ADAMO-4KND and the Dante AV-H compatible BG-ADAMO-4KDA.

Some key features of the BG-ADAMO series include: 4K@60 with 12G-SDI, Power over Ethernet (PoE), storage capacity for 1 TB of 4K video, and multiple video outputs (SDI, HDMI, USB 3.0, USB 2.0, or IP Streaming). 


Search #4: PTZ camera 4K

If you’re looking for a PTZ camera that can output stunning image quality, take a look at the BG-4KPTZ-12XUHP 4K PTZ camera with Sony CMOS. This PTZ camera can output 4K@60 with HDMI and USB 3.0. It’s also equipped with an auto-focusing algorithm to ensure that your footage is as smooth as it is clear. Users also have access to a full suite of exposure and video settings to help tailor the image for different environments and lighting conditions. 

This 4K PTZ camera is compatible with most popular live streaming and social channels as well. Furthermore, controlling this PTZ camera is easy with its free compatible control software. 


Search #5: PTZ Camera for Church 

BZBGEAR has put together a number of solutions for houses of worship. Typically, houses of worship will pick up a couple of PTZ cameras and a PTZ joystick controller. That way, they can get more than one angle and be able to have one person control more than one PTZ camera. 

One of the best PTZ cameras for houses of worship is the BG-VPTZ-HSU3 20x optical zoom live streaming camera with PoE (Power over Ethernet) support. The BG-VPTZ-HSU3 captures a full HD image. It also supports simultaneous video outputs (3G-SDI, USB 3.0, HDMI, and IP streaming. With its audio embedder, users can connect a microphone or audio mixer to embed audio into their livestream. The PoE support enables the PTZ camera to be powered and connected to a network with a single ethernet cable. 

Additionally, the BG-VPTZ-HSU3 is equipped with the latest live streaming technology (H.264/H.265 video compression and RTMP(S) network protocol). To provide even more flexibility, this camera can be mounted to the ceiling, the wall, a tripod, or a desk. 


That concludes the Google Search Edition of PTZ camera solutions. If any of these solutions have your attention, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

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