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How BZBGEAR Solidifies Government and Military AV Systems

Joel R. Cruz • October 1, 2021

Government and military AV systems are large scale projects requiring critical planning so the proper equipment is procured. BZBGEAR ensures this by working closely with representatives during the planning process and determining what is required and what is viable. BZBGEAR provides audio/video solutions for government agencies of the highest quality, reliability, as well as TAA compliant. Let’s look how BZBGEAR can amplify our government and military sectors.

Courthouses, Post Offices, and Other Government Related Agencies


Courtrooms require a host of devices for internal and external communications. BZBGEAR provides AV gear suited for video distribution, video conferencing, signal extension, and security. Video conferencing has become important in assisting court systems and individuals with health issues or are unavailable due to location.

BZBGEAR develops solutions to work in harmony with video conferencing and presentation switches. During hearings, meetings, or collaborations, participants may have their own devices they’ll want to share information from. Integrate the BG-PS41-BYOD-4K wireless presentation switch capable of connecting computers, phones, and tablets to an HDMI display via Miracast or Airplay. The BG-PS41-BYOD-4K also acts as a hub for peripheral devices like keyboards and mice, as well as for PTZ cameras.


Another common device used in government buildings are KVM extenders; KVM meaning keyboard, video, and mouse. KVM extenders allow a computer to be controlled remotely while located in a secure area. The BG-EXHKVM-70C extends HDMI, audio/video, control, and USB signals over category cable (CAT5/6) to remote displays 328 feet away. If distance requirements need to extend farther than 328 feet, the BG-UHD-18GFE fiber optic extender is ideal for building-to-building communications, delivering signals 6.25 miles!


Military Facilities and Command Centers

Military satellite room

The United States military is responsible for national security. This means the AV devices they’re using must be completely secure and comply with TAA requirements. BZBGEAR provides reliable TAA compliant solutions for the military including video wall processors like the BG-UHD-VWP-1X4 capable of 1x1, 2x2, 1x3 rotate, and 1x4 rotate modes.


Another useful solution is the BZBGEAR AV over IP system for distributing audio, video, and control signals over the local area network. This AVoIP system consists of two units: the BG-VOP-MT transceiver and the BG-VOP-CB gateway controller. Integrating the two is simple as the transceiver incorporates both encoding and decoding technologies into a single device for the ultimate in flexibility.


Extending audio, video, and control signals on base and in the field are vital for those operating sophisticated military equipment remotely. SDI cabling is typically used because of its durability and long distance capabilities for communications. 12G-SDI splitters like the BG-DA-12GS1X8 provide automatic input cable equalization to 180 meters (3G), 100 meters (6G), or 70 meters (12G) ideal for military operations.


The aforementioned BG-UHD-18GFE fiber optic HDMI-KVM extender is TAA compliant as well. It transmits and receives 4K@60Hz signals 6.25 miles away using single mode fiber optic cable for USB 2.0, RS232, and HDMI connections. BG-UHD-18GFE is perfect for both permanent and temporary operations requiring long distance signal communication. For designs requiring short-range USB extensions of 80 meters (264 feet) over CAT5/6, integrate the BG-USB-MR80 extender offers four USB 2.0 ports for peripherals.



For more information, contact BZBGEAR at 1.888.499.9906 or email [email protected]. Browse our online catalog for Pro AV and live streaming camera solutions to fit any size application or budget. Make sure to catch the buzz on BZB TV for unboxings, demos, and How To videos. And please show your support by subscribing! We appreciate you and will keep you informed on all the latest AV gear.

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