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What is a PTZ Camera for Church Live Streaming?

The best PTZ camera for church live streaming is going to have these four features readily equipped.
Explore BZBGEAR cameras for churches to learn more about what these features can do for your church. 


PoE or Power over Ethernet enables a camera to be supplied power and a network connection via a single ethernet cable. A PTZ camera for church is going to need this feature, as longer cable runs will be necessary for installation and a simple clutter-free setup will save time and space. 


Multiple Output Options

Having multiple output options is crucial when using a camera for church streaming. HDMI and SDI facilitate clear video output to monitors and video switchers, while USB connections enable users to send the video feed to their laptop/PC. Overall, the flexibility of having multiple connection options allows for smoother, more efficient systems. 


Optical Zoom

Optical zoom lenses are crucial for church live streams, as they enable the camera to zoom in and out of a scene without disturbing the image quality. During a live stream, there isn’t room to clean up the image quality before the viewers see it, so getting it right the first time is a must.


Multiple Presets Available

The ability to save and recall various angles during the church livestream sales lots of time and provides cleaner, more professional-looking content. 


Benefits of Using PTZ Camera For Church Live Streaming

Using a PTZ camera for live streaming church service results in professional-looking content while using less equipment.

During a church service, the ability to effortlessly pan, tilt, and zoom your cameras from a remote location provides unmatched flexibility. 

Installation Best Practices for Church Cameras

  • Use a PoE-enabled camera to take advantage of the single cable installation functionality. This also results in cleaner setups for your church.
  • PTZ camera mounts enable a church to mount its cameras on walls and ceilings. Double-check that your zoom level works with the distance you’re mounting the camera and that the range of motion works for that angle as well.

Integration with Existing Church Audio-Visual Systems

  • When selecting a camera for church, you’ll want to ensure it is an IP camera if you have an existing AV system. An IP camera will connect to your local network, enabling other devices on the network to communicate with it. This grants other devices on the network at the church to gain remote access to video, audio, and control of the camera. 

How To Control PTZ Camera For Church?

PTZ joystick controller
One of the most popular control methods for a camera for church livestreams is a joystick controller, which is a device that can control the pan, tilt, and zoom functions of a PTZ camera via a network or analog connection. 
Camera web interface
Most IP cameras come with a web interface that provides remote access through the IP address. BZBGEAR interfaces come fully equipped with everything a church will need to control and manage a camera. 
An IP camera can be compatible with control software. BZBGEAR IP cameras are all compatible with a designated software app, available for smartphones, tablets, Macs, and PCs. This allows the church production team to manage the cameras at any time from a remote location, as long as their device is connected to the network. 

Take A Look At PTZ Camera Kits For Church by

In the last few years, the best camera for church live streams has been the PTZ camera. These cameras are flexible, and robust, and can end up saving your church time and money.

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