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What is an audio extender?

Trevon Martin • October 4, 2022


When an audio source is located too far from the amplifier to use standard audio cables, what should you do? You should consider implementing an audio extender! BZBGEAR’s audio extenders can carry a stereo analog signal up to 170 meters (557 feet) or a digital audio signal via TOSLINK or COAX up to 290 meters (950 feet). Here’s a quick overview on the BG-AUD-TCS audio extender over ethernet.


The BG-AUD-TCS: Audio Extender over Ethernet 

The BG-AUD-TCS by BZBGEAR is a compact audio extender designed to transmit audio signals up to 290 meters (950 feet) over a single category (ethernet) cable. You’ll just need a single category 5e, category 6 or category 7 cable. These cable types are affordable and fairly easy to find. 

This audio extender can also transmit an analog stereo signal up to 170 meters (555 feet), and TOSLINK or digital coax signal up to 290 meters. The transmitter is equipped with 1-TOSLINK, 1-COAX, and 1-3.5mm stereo input. The front panel switch provides manual input selection. Additionally, the power over cable (PoC) function eliminates the need for a power supply at the receiver. 

This audio extender solution is also built for years of use. It has a durable metal enclosure design that protects it from years of heavy use. With its low power consumption and low work temperature, it is also safe from internal damages. 


What’s included in the Package?

This audio extender solution comes with a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter has a cat-out port, firmware update port, 3 audio-in ports (TOSLINK, COAX, 3.5mm) and an audio on switch. The receiver sports a cat-in port, firmware update port, a DC 12V/1A power port, and 3 audio out ports (TOSLINK, COAX, RCA L&R). Users will also receive a power cable and equipment to mount the devices. 

Overall, the BG-AUD-TCS provides a very simple audio extension solution. This device is also built to last longer than most audio extenders, making it even more budget friendly long-term. To learn more about this audio extender, visit:

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